What is Woza Nawe?

Get ready for an electrifying cricket extravaganza like never before, as the 2023/24 CSA Domestic Season takes centre stage!


This season promises to surpass all expectations, embracing a new found grandeur that’s more inclusive and impactful than ever.


Introducing the #WozaNawe call to action – a clarion call for all to #BePartOfIt.


With an essence that ignites Hometown Pride, this season isn’t just about the sport; it’s a celebration of communities, shared values, and the passion that unites them. We call on all fans to rally behind your team as the players gear up to showcase their prowess on the field.


But it’s not just about the cricket players – it’s about every devoted fan who infuses the stadiums with their energy and enthusiasm.


It’s about the camaraderie among friends discussing every boundary, families coming together to experience the thrill, and even strangers finding common ground in their love for the game, entertainment, music and a fun day out in the South African sun.


Cricket will be the soundtrack of the season & you are part of it, hit after hit. Woza Nawe!