The Cricket South Africa (CSA) Social Justice and Nation Building (SJN) project released to the public its Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure. These are made public ahead of the SJN hearings which are set to resume on 5th July 2021. 


The SJN hearings were postponed in May to afford the process adequate time to consider certain procedural aspects, which required clarification. CSA and the Office of the Independent Transformation Ombudsman used the opportunity to also refine the terms of reference of the Transformation Ombud. 


The Independent Transformation Ombudsman reaffirms the stated commitment that the SJN hearings will be conducted in a fair, empathetic and transparent manner. This finds expression in the Rules of Procedure that the Office of the Independent Transformation Ombudsman has produced. 


Download the SJN Terms of Reference here.

Download the SJN Rules of Procedure here.

Download the SJN Notice – Response to allegations here.

Download the Arbitration Award. CSA v Smith here