CSA appoints administrator for North West Cricket

Thu, 13th December 2018
Chris Nenzani , CSA President

Chris Nenzani , CSA President

THE Board of Directors of Cricket South Africa (CSA) has exercised its step-in rights at North West Cricket and has granted CSA’s Management Team the mandate to appoint Mr Archie Pretorius as Administrator to take over the administrative, governance and financial affairs of North West Cricket until all these respective functions have been placed on a satisfactory footing.

This has been done in terms of clauses 12.3 and 12.4 of CSA’s MOI with respect to the maladministration identified at North West Cricket.

Mr. Pretorius is an experienced administrator who is a former President of North West Cricket and during this time served both as a member of CSA’s Members’ Council as well as CSA’s Board of Directors.

“Mr. Pretorius will present monthly progress reports to CSA during the step-in period,” commented CSA President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Chris Nenzani.

“In addition, we have mandated our Audit and Risk Committee to appoint an independent forensic auditor to investigate the matters relating to the allegations of possible fraud with regards to the Stadium Update project.

“The Board has also approved the immediate conclusion by PWC of the external statutory audit of North West Cricket for the past financial year once the independent forensic audit has been satisfactorily addressed.

“Mr. Pretorius will be required to conduct an Annual General Meeting of North West Cricket for the past financial year once the independent forensic and statutory audits have been completed.

“The Board is determined that this matter be brought to satisfactory conclusion as a matter of urgency,” concluded Mr. Nenzani.