Gugu Ndulama

My Name is Gugu Ndulama, and I am currently the Provincial Mini Cricket Co-ordinator for Eastern Province Cricket. I have been involved in the game of cricket for twelve years, with nine of those being with the KFC Mini Cricket program. I can describe myself as a very reserved person, with a huge personality and love for people. I enjoy a good laugh, and I enjoy filling walls with my rather loud and somewhat squeaky laugh. I studied Business Administration, and never did I fathom that I would work in cricket.


I always pictured myself in a glass office, and rather large boardroom table that could fit thirty people at once(chuckles), but God had other plans, great plans that I am extremely grateful for.


Cricket has taught me so much, even about myself, and it has taken me to so many places, and has afforded me so many opportunities over the years, which I feel have prepared me for
any assignment that I might venture on in the future. I have had the opportunity to study further though cricket, with Sports Management being one of the qualifications obtained, all thanks to Cricket South Africa and KFC.


I really enjoy being a part of cricket, and a part of the KFC Mini Cricket Program mainly because I have seen the program and the game changing lives, mine included. The absolute
elation that fills the kids & coaches’ faces when attending any KFC Mini Cricket activity; it gives you reason to get up everyday and be content with being part of a program that changes lives on a daily basis.


KFC has been an amazing sponsor and one that has been loyal to the program. Even during the tough times resulting from Covid-19, KFC remained with the program and have cemented their commitment further. I would also be failing if I did not thank the volunteer coaches that brave the cold, hot, windy, and wet weather, as well as sacrificing their weekends and family time to make sure that they are on the fields coaching our mini cricketers. They are the unsung heroes that strengthen the cricket pipeline by making sure that they do what is required(and more) at mini cricket level.


I am looking forward to the journey ahead, with more schools coming on board, and more lives being changed.


Thank You.

Relebohile Ntikane

An Academically advanced sport manager who is passionate with development in sports. I have always enjoyed participating in different sporting codes and found it to be elevating and this is the reason for pursuing my choice of career. I graduated in 2015, National Diploma Sport Management with Cum Laude, from Central University of Technology, and Baccalaureus Technologiae Sport Management in 2016. I have experience in planning and implementing event organisation with strong attention to detail.


I am motivated to work and learn, seeking to develop more and improve my knowledge in different workspaces and I’m very enthusiastic about my career and keen to continues learning to be successful within the sport spectrum.


I have been with the Programme as the Coordinator of the KFC Mini Cricket in Free State for 5 years, and I began my journey in 2017. The experience has been nothing short of amazing and greatness and I love the fact this is a grassroot development programme that just pursues to give an equal opportunity to all the kids diversly and irrespective their ability or home circumstances. It is inexpensive, everything – kit and clothing are given out to schools free of charge and thanks to our sponsor KFC who funds the programme.


KFC Mini Cricket Programme touches and changes a lot of lives. From a player at school who is presented with a single opportunity and one day gets to be a restored individual, to a teacher-coach who get to be the one making the difference with role they played in that child’s life and witness them propel.


And the reward I have received from this programme as the KFC Mini Cricket Coordinator was being given the opportunity to continue learning and developing and granted with full bursary to study at Boston College, and I will be graduating soon as I have finished and passed my Higher Certificate in Marketing Specialization Sport. This is the best development programme nationwide that really touches lives

Takatso Mkhwanazi


CGL’ KFC Mini Cricket Coordinator

My name is Takatso Mkhwanazi. I am a young lady born and raised in a small town in the Free State called Harrismith. I moved to Gauteng in 2012 to further my studies and have since become a Public Relations graduate. I first came across the Mini Cricket Programme back in 2016 during my internship at the then Gauteng Cricket Board. I worked closely with the then coordinator and learned quite a lot about the programme and amateur cricket at large. I left cricket for a while and upon my return, I returned to another position.


In April 2022, I was appointed as the KFC Mini Cricket Coordinator for Central Gauteng Lions and that is the journey I am currently on. What I love most about the KFC Mini Cricket programme is that it changes lives. The programme is a beacon of hope for many kids. It gives kids the opportunity to be kids and forget about their sometimes-difficult realities.


The programme not only unearths talent from different parts of the country but develops leaders on and off the field. The fact that the coaches are volunteering their time and there is no monitory makes it more special.


The most rewarding thing about being a KFC Mini Cricket Coordinator is hearing the kids laugh their lungs out because they are having so much fun. Them growing to be leaders in whatever spaces they choose to occupy post the mini cricket phase is subsequent to a foundation of happiness and laughter laid by the KFC Mini Cricket Programme.

Genevieve Anthony

Brief about yourself:


a. I am a serial loner and workaholic who still lives with her Mom
b. My daughter turned 25 in July and she is the reason for my existence
c. I have been part of the SWD Cricket family since 2010 (Soccer World Cup-year) when I joined the Scorers Association
d. In September 2014 I was appointed as an Administrator and in January 2018 my journey started with the KFC Mini Cricket program


How long you have been with the programme:

a. When I took over in 2018, I was a complete novice about the program, so this is my fifth year


What you love the most about the programme  or the most rewarding thing about being a KFC Mini Cricket Coordinator:

a. Since 2018 I had interns (young players in the pipeline) who assisted me with the practical side of the program.  They usually say that I should be more hands-on during games and clinics, but my response will always be the same:  I see to it that they are sorted with everything they need on-field, while I take pictures of the joy on the kiddies’ faces ergo, COORDINATOR!


Recent image of yourself preferable in your KFC MC gear:

a. See attached