Media Release: Cricket South Africa delivers forensic report to Portfolio Committee

Media Release: Cricket South Africa delivers forensic report to Portfolio Committee

As agreed with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee (PPC) of Sport, Arts & Culture on Tuesday, 6 October 2020, Cricket South Africa (CSA) confirms that the full Forensic Report was made available to the Chairperson of the PPC, today, Friday, 9 October 2020, for distribution to the members of the PPC. A copy of the full Forensic Report has also previously been made available to the Minister of Sport, Arts & Culture.

CSA has noted the public statement by the Chairperson of the PPC to the effect that the PPC will sign a non-disclosure agreement in respect of the Forensic Report. As such, and in accordance with the recommendation of the relevant Parliamentary Senior Legal Adviser, CSA has requested the Chairperson of the PPC to make a ruling in terms of the relevant provisions of the Rules of the National Assembly, declaring that the Forensic Report is a confidential document.

As publicly stated by CSA on various occasions and public platforms, the contents of the Forensic Report are confidential at this stage because it is a provisional report, because aspects of the report are subject to further investigation, and because public dissemination of the report at this stage may impair the integrity of the investigation process and undermine the implementation of remedial steps by CSA. It is for these reasons that CSA has, at this stage, released to the media a summary of the report, recording the substance of the provisional findings.

“CSA has confidence that the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee will respect the sensitivities of the forensic report. It is important to reiterate that if the contents of this document become public knowledge at this stage, it may have an adverse effect on the continuing process initiated by CSA to address the problems identified in the report and to implement corrective measures,” says John Mogodi, a non-independent director to the Board of CSA.

CSA will also liaise with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee about making the full Forensic Report available to the President of SASCOC in a manner similar to that in which it has been made available to the Chairperson of the PPC.