Landmark moment for SA sport

Landmark moment for SA sport

JOHANNESBURG: The Interim Board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) welcomes the decision taken by the majority of the Members’ Council to accept the principle of a majority independent Board led by an independent Chairperson.

This paves the way for the formal amendment of CSA’s Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and sets cricket administration on a new governance path.

Interim Board Chair, Dr Stavros Nicolaou, said: “This is a landmark moment for South African cricket administration. It lays a solid foundation for transparent and sound governance in the future. It is 9 years since the Nicholson Report recommended a majority independent Board and the moment has finally been seized to make a clean break with the past. It is a step in the direction of transparent, innovative and best practice governance for cricket.

“A new Board, comprised of individuals with a balance of skill, cricketing knowledge and the ability to ensure accountability, is required to administer the modern game. It is hoped, too, that this new governance structure will lay a foundation for on-field success and restore public faith in the administration of the game.”

Dr Nicolaou went on to say: “A new majority independent Board should ensure that our country once again takes its rightful place at the International Cricket Council. We are aware of the deep public concern expressed regarding past governance failures in cricket. We trust that players, sponsors and all who love the game will take comfort in the latest developments and the historic agreement reached between the Board and the Members’ Council yesterday.”

The Interim Board will now finalise the technicalities related to the amendment of the MOI and setting a date for CSA’s long overdue 2020 AGM.

“We are looking forward to the AGM where the new governance structure will be adopted unanimously by the members,” concluded Dr Nicolaou.