Titans Cricket is excited to announce the launch of the Global Cricket Tournament (GCT) which will take place from 4-6 January in the new year with the first edition focused on women’s cricket.

The showpiece tournament features 3 teams each made up of 4 marquee players, 4 rookie’s, 3 under 23’s and 2 internationals’ creating a healthy balance within the teams while exposing young players to established players and strong competition.

The three teams taking part in the first edition of the Global Cricket Tournament are Eastern Storm, DP World Lions and Fidelity Titans while some of the marquee players include Sune Luus, Masabata Klaas and Anneke Bosch.

International players that will take part in the competition will travel from Japan and Namibia to be a part of the groundbreaking event.

Titans Cricket CEO Dr Jacques Faul shared his feedback on the tournament announcement. “I’m thrilled that we’ve made so much progress in the planning of the Global Cricket Tournament. It’s a tournament that’s been a long time coming.”

The Global Cricket Tournament was birthed as a strategic repositioning of Titans Global, a special project designed by Titans Cricket to globalize the Titans brand and see them taking part in international cricket tournaments.

“It’s very rewarding to see something that was once a vision come to life. Everything in terms of venue, fixtures and has been confirmed so we are excited to for the on-field action to begin.”

“I must give credit to Birgitta Wasserfall, who is the Project Lead for the Global Cricket Tournament, she has put in a lot of work to bring us to bring point and I have no doubt that this competition will turnout to be a success.” Faul Said.

Global Cricket Tournament Project Lead, Birgitta Wasserfall weighs in, “The goal for me was very clear from the moment I was brought in and I’m pleased with the work we’ve done so far. The real marker for success will be when we crown the inaugural GCT winners ”

“It was important for me that we begin with a women’s tournament and I think with the format and layout, the main benefactors will be the players that take part and the development of the younger girls involved which will bode well for their careers.” Wasserfall explained.

GCT is honoured to be associated with a number of high-profile partners whose contribution to the tournament will go a long way in ensuring its’ smooth running and that the objectives are met.

John Deere have come on board as the title Sponsor of the Global Cricket Tournament.

Additional brands that have associated with GCT are SteersRenault; Khoi Tech; aQuelleSABIXU and Centurion Hotel.

“I must give credit to the organisations that have backed us, they’ve shown great vision and enthusiasm and have really put their money where their mouth is as far as supporting women’s cricket.” Faul concluded.

The Main Cricket Oval at Irene Country Club will be the host venue for the Global Cricket Tournament with the opening match taking place on Thursday, 4 January between Eastern Storm and the Lions.

A launch event will take place on Wednesday, 29 November at SuperSport Park.


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