Inaugural ICC Under19 Women’s T20 World Cup moves into Super Sixes stage

Inaugural ICC Under19 Women’s T20 World Cup moves into Super Sixes stage

With the group stages now completed, the ICC Under19 Women’s T20 World Cup is heating up, as twelve teams move on to the Super Sixes stage. Sixteen teams arrived in South Africa, with Scotland, United States of America (USA), Zimbabwe and Indonesia eliminated from the tournament proper.

Those four teams, who have each contributed to this inaugural tournament in unique fashion, will get an opportunity to bid farewell to South Africa on Friday, 20 January.

USA will face Scotland, while Zimbabwe and Indonesia lock horns in a final bid to leave the tournament on a high. Those will be the final fixtures in Benoni, as the Super Sixes and the decisive clashes will be hosted in Potchefstroom.

Qualification for the Super Sixes is determined by log standings. Each team in the Super Sixes takes the points won against the other qualifiers in their group through to the Super Sixes stage.

Group A winners Bangladesh, England (Group B), New Zealand (Group C) and India (Group D) are all moving onto the next stage with maximum points (4). Runners up Australia (Group A), Pakistan (Group B), West Indies (Group C) and South Africa (Group D) each take two points with them into the Super Sixes, by virtue of beating the third-placed teams.

Those teams are: Sri Lanka (Group A), Rwanda (B), Ireland (C) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (D). Each of these teams are in the Super Sixes but start this next phase with no log points.

Qualifiers from the original Group A and D will play in one Super Six group, while Groups B and C are now paired together for this next stage.

Teams will face opposition from groups they were not in but will not play against those who finished the group stage in the same log position. Therefore, Group winners Bangladesh (A) and India (D) will not play against each other, though they are in the same Super Sixes group.

The same applies for runners-up such as Pakistan (B) and West Indies (C), who are now in one group, but will not face each other.

Each team will play two fixtures in the Super Sixes, with the top two sides in both groups qualifying for the semi-finals on 27 January.

The final is scheduled for 29 January 2023.



20 January

USA v Scotland (10am)

Zimbabwe v Indonesia (1:45pm)


Super Sixes:

21 January

Ireland v England (10am)

Rwanda v New Zealand (10am)

Bangladesh v South Africa (1:45pm)

India v Australia (1:45pm)

22 January

India v Sri Lanka (1:45pm)

West Indies v Rwanda (1:45pm)

23 January

UAE v Australia (1:45pm)

Pakistan v Ireland (1:45pm)

24 January

New Zealand v Pakistan (1:45pm)

South Africa v Sri Lanka (1:45pm)

25 January

England v West Indies (1:45pm)

UAE v Bangladesh (1:45pm)

27 January

Semi-final 1 (10am)

Semi-final 2 (1:45pm)

29 January

Final (1:45pm)

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