Extension of deadline – Call for submissions

Extension of deadline – Call for submissions

JOHANNESBURG: The Office of the Transformation Ombudsman (“the Transformation Ombudsman”) hereby wishes to notify former players, current players, coaches, administrators and stakeholders that the closing date for written submission has been extended to 07 May 2021.

The Transformation Ombudsman is mandated to investigate and adjudicate all complaints received which relate to unfair discrimination in the game of cricket. The objectives of the Ombudsman include promoting equal treatment in cricket and determining the causes, nature and extent of racial discrimination and lack of transformation in all cricket structures since the unity process in 1991.

All parties are invited to make written submissions to the Transformation Ombudsman.

Please note that written submissions can take any form – submissions can be in paragraph format or in bullet point form. The written submissions should enable the Transformation Ombudsman to make a determination on the transformation issues which exist in all cricket structures.

The public hearings have been planned to commence on 17 May 2021.  The Office of the Ombudsman reserves the right to adjust these actual dates of the stipulated hearings in line with the issues that may require his attention as the hearings continue so that no one taking part in these hearings is adversely affected.

The origin of the SJN process find its genesis from the complaints received during the peak of #BLM which included ex-players and coaches, the first week of hearings will therefore deal with those complaints received.  The relevant persons will be invited to make oral representations to the Transformation Ombudsman and time has been set aside for individual discussions between players, coaches and the Transformation Ombudsman.

Outside of this grouping, the following stakeholders will be afforded the opportunity to engage with the Transformation Ombudsman:

  • Women ex-players.
  • Eminent persons to provide the historical context of cricket in South Africa since the unity process in 1991.
  • CSA sponsors, corporate partners, media (print, electronic, digital) and community newspapers as stakeholders in cricket.
  • The CSA broader constituency.
  • DSAC, DBE, other government department and spheres of government.
  • The Eminent Persons Group, SASCOC, Interested National Federations.
  • The preliminary insights from these hearings will be conveyed at a CSA Transformation Conference in August.

All inputs should be directed to:



The Transformation Ombudsman

PO Box 55009



by 07 May 2021