CSA Members’ Council statement

CSA Members’ Council statement

JOHANNESBURG: Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Members’ Council has noted a statement released by the Interim Board on Thursday, 25 March 2021. It is unfortunate that the Interim Board continues to try and cause irreparable harm to CSA through its actions by engaging in a public spat with the Members’ Council.

The Members’ Council unconditionally and categorically denies all allegations levelled against it in the issued statement specifically. The Members’ Council deems these utterances as not only inflammatory but without substance and merit.

An MOI drafting task team was established between the Interim Board and Members’ Council and after a series of meetings that seemed promising, however, the Interim Board discarded the inputs from the task team that represented the 14 Affiliates and failed to provide Professor Katz with those inputs for consideration but their own.

Members’ Council expresses its grave disappointment in the manner the Interim Board dealt with the matter which we regard as negotiating in bad faith. It must be noted that when Members’ Council questioned the non-consideration of those inputs the Interim Board instead of negotiating, the Members’ Council was met with a list of non-negotiables and ultimatums.

In addition, Members’ Council invites the Interim Board to clearly define and quantify the funds it alludes the Members’ Council had spent. The Interim Board is encouraged to make public the funds spent on legal costs and to which party these costs are attributed. Specifically, on funds it spent on legal costs incurred in dealing with disputes within the Interim Board itself.

The Members’ Council categorically denies that the Chairperson or any member of the Interim Board had written any letter to them regarding the voting patterns of its members, prior to his media statement. Similarly, we dispute that the Members’ Council outcome of the votes have been manipulated or misinterpreted in any way when in fact Members’ Council conveyed the views as mandated by their respective Affiliates.

Members’ Council requests that the Interim Board provides proof of these allegations or retract such claims. We implore the Interim Board to refrain from such acts, as they have the fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of CSA and not their own.