CSA Board statement on forensic audit and North West Cricket administration

CSA Board statement on forensic audit and North West Cricket administration

The Board of Directors of Cricket South Africa (CSA) is perturbed by the misleading opinions that have recently been expressed in certain sections of the media and wishes to put the correct facts on record.

We refer specifically to the media reports on terms of reference for the forensic audit and the administration of North West Cricket.

“CSA does not ordinarily respond to matters it is handling that have been reported in the Media,” commented CSA President and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Chris Nenzani, “but it feels obliged to set the record straight.”

Terms of reference of the forensic audit and investigation

The CSA Board has not changed the terms of reference of this investigation. In fact, the Members’ Council commissioned the forensic investigation and this has been formally communicated . It follows that the Board cannot make changes to the terms of reference because it does not have the authority to do so. Given that the first part of the report has been concluded, the Board needed authorisation from the Members’ Council to access the report in order to execute the actions it needs to take, using that report as a point of departure.

The Members Council has given the Board the required authority and the Board is engaged in the task at hand and will very soon inform its stakeholders accordingly.

North West Cricket Administration

The report in this regard has been referred to our lawyers to consider and advise CSA on its findings. The lawyers are busy with this task and CSA will act on its recommendations.