Coach Education

Bowling - Leg-spin bowling

Please note the following key aspects in each phase of the leg-spin action.

The grip:


Approach: The basic approach should be along a line taken from middle stump to halfway along the bowling crease.

The Gather: Both hands should be in front of the body and the weight should be moving forward. There is no rock back as in seam or swing bowling.

Back-Foot Landing: The back foot must land parallel to the bowling crease. The hips and shoulders are aligned towards the target.

Delivery Stride: As a rule, the delivery stride should be a little more than shoulder width. The head should lead the shoulders, hips and non-bowling arm directly towards the target.

Front-Foot Landing: The front foot should land firmly on the ball of the foot with the weight well forward and the leg braced. The back and front heels should be aligned and the front toe should be pointing toward fine-leg, to help form a stable base. The front arm should be pushing out hard towards the target.

The Release: The weight should be over a braced front leg with the release position of the bowling hand at approximately 30 degrees to the vertical. The bowling wrist should un-cock (unlock) with the palm of the hand facing the batsman.

Follow-Through: If all the other aspects of the action are correct, the shoulders and hips will drive powerfully through with both arms coming across the body to complete a 180 degree rotation.

Wrist and Finger Drills


Spin is imparted by using the wrist and fingers correctly. This sequence of drills is ideal training in the correct use of the wrist and fingers.

1. Spin the ball in the air from the bowling to the non-bowling hand, using the wrist and fingers. Make sure that the ball is spun upwards in the direction of the body.

2. Spin the ball so that it bounces in front of you. If spun correctly, the ball should spin back towards you.

3. Stand about 15 metres from a net, a wall or a partner in a side-on position with your feet in the delivery stride position. Bowl the ball under-arm, spinning it as hard as possible into the air with a genuine leg-break action. Make sure that the weight is fully transferred onto the front foot at the moment of delivery.


Action Drills


These drills are used to teach the correct basic action for leg-spin bowling.

1. The bowler stands in a side-on position with the feet a comfortable distance apart. Using shoulders, arms and weight transfer, bowl a leg-break over the length of a full pitch. This exercise is excellent for making full use of the front arm and ensuring full body rotation and follow-through.

2. The bowler stands side-on with his front foot raised off the ground. From this position, he pushes forward with his head and shoulder and completes the action as in the video.

3. Walk and bowl.


4. Two rows of cones are laid as in the video. The bowler must jump forward over the cones and complete his action as in the video.