Betway SA20 Ticketing Update

Betway SA20 Ticketing Update

Friday, 20 January: The opening week of the Betway SA20 has seen an unprecedented amount of spectators coming out to watch the thrilling action of cricket on display at all the 14 matches played to date.


Spectators are encouraged to get to the stadium early to enjoy the pre-match activities. This will avoid congestion at the turnstiles. Gates open 2 hours before the match during the group stages.


Betway SA20 and its stakeholders across the six stadiums have also put in place the following systems and processes to facilitate entry at the turnstiles into the venues:


  • To ease access, it recommended spectators print tickets purchased online at home and bring this to the stadium.
  • Tickets should be printed in black and white
  • Tickets should be printed in their original size – A4 Page
  • A high-quality printer must be used so that the bar-code is clear and easy to scan
  • Tickets must be kept safe where the bar-code will not be damaged (do not fold ticket across the bar-code)
  • Spectators should not attempt to distribute copies of tickets. Persons presenting duplicate tickets will be refused entry.


The PDF of the ticket can be downloaded to a cellphone and can be used to scan at the event. Please ensure the following to assist with the scanning at turnstiles:


  • When at the verification point, please ensure the screen brightness is set to full and kindly zoom in on the barcode of the ticket/s.
  • Please DO NOT take screen shots or photos of your tickets, as they will not scan.


Please note tickets will only work ONCE at the electronic turnstiles at the venue. Please keep these tickets safe and locked away until the actual day of the event.


About Betway SA20  


Betway SA20 is a six-team franchise T20 League operating under the auspices of Cricket South Africa. Cricket South Africa is the governing body of all cricket in South Africa.


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