CSA to defend labour court claim

CSA to defend labour court claim

JOHANNESBURG: Cricket South Africa (CSA) is aware that an article has been published in The Times newspaper of London concerning a dispute that Karen Smithies has referred against Cricket South Africa arising from her unsuccessful application for appointment as team manager of Cricket South Africa’s national women’s cricket team.

The article has mischievously attempted to sensationalise the role of former Proteas’ captain Graeme Smith in the dispute by incorrectly reporting that Mr Smith has been served with legal papers in relation to Ms Smithies’ claim, whereas Ms Smithies has instituted proceedings in the Labour Court against Cricket South Africa.

The article further misleadingly and incorrectly infers that Mr Smith was party to discussions subsequent to Ms Smithies’ interview process, whereas Mr Smith had left the meeting directly after the interview was concluded.

Cricket South Africa is defending Ms Smithies’ claim.

As Ms Smithies’ dispute in the Labour Court is under judicial consideration, it would be improper for Cricket South Africa to address the content of the article in any detail at this time.