CSA Interim Board Statement: Judge Yacoob steps down

CSA Interim Board Statement: Judge Yacoob steps down

JOHANNESBURG: The Board of CSA has noted the publication of the recorded telephone conversation between Judge Yacoob and a Sunday Times journalist. The incident is deeply regrettable and the Board has accepted Judge Yacoob’s sincere expression of remorse.

In the circumstances Judge Yacoob has stepped down from the Board of CSA. He has done so to protect the integrity of the Board and in the best interests of cricket.

The Board wishes to thank Judge Yacoob for his energetic leadership and principled stewardship of cricket over the past three months. Much has been achieved in terms of dealing with complex corporate governance matters even in this short period.

Dr Stavros Nicolaou will lead the Board until the end of its tenure.

The Board will continue to work towards fulfilling the mandate given to it by Minister Mthethwa, which includes the implementation of the Nicholson report and convening the CSA AGM.