Removal of Mr Omphile Ramela as director of CSA Interim Board

Removal of Mr Omphile Ramela as director of CSA Interim Board

JOHANNESBURG: The Interim Board of Cricket South Africa met today, 15 December 2020 at 9am and removed Mr Omphile Ramela as a director.

It was not an easy decision but the IB had no other option but to do so.

Excerpts from the transcript and a summary of what happened has been provided in the interests of transparency. Please see below.

Further enquiries to Chair of the IB: Judge Zak Yacoob.

Transcript of Resolution of the Board of Directors to Remove Mr Omphile Ramela as a Director taken on Tuesday, 15 December 2020


1.1. Of the 7 (seven) Directors remaining on the Board, 2 (two) Directors namely Haroon Lorgat and Stavros Nicolaou were absent. The meeting was declared quorate.

1.2. The meeting was called after Mr. Ramela had been given notice, with a statement of grounds, to give him the opportunity to be present at the meeting to respond to the allegations against him either through an attorney or by himself. Neither Mr. Ramela nor an attorney representing him had joined the meeting.

1.3. It was recorded that the statement as well as the notice had been sent to Mr. Ramela by Judith February and the attorneys represented by CSA.

1.4. The Board agreed to proceed on the basis that Mr. Ramela knows what is happening.

1.5. The email correspondence to Mr. Ramela from the Board Secretary as of 14 December 2020 was recorded as below:

a. An email was sent to Mr. Ramela on 14 December 2020, at 18h41 requesting him to advise if he will be represented by an attorney at the proceedings scheduled for 15 December 2020 in order for the Board Secretary to forward the electronic invite to his proposed attorney. No response was received from Mr. Ramela.

b. The electronic meeting invite was sent to Mr. Ramela at 09h16 on 15 December 2020 advising him he is required to join the meeting if he wishes. A WhatsApp message was sent, at 09h16 on 15 December 2020, to Mr. Ramela advising him that the link to the meeting had been sent to him. There was no response received from Mr. Ramela.


2.1. The Board unanimously decided, that Mr. Omphile Ramela, having not appeared to give any reasons why he should not be removed, is removed as a Director on the CSA Interim Board.

2.2. Andre Odendaal indicated his intention to abstain. The Chair amended the order to reflect that instead of a unanimous vote on the resolution, there was one abstention.