KFC Mini-Cricket Kids from St Andrews Primary School take on the Proteas in the 5th Edition of the KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas Tour

KFC Mini Cricket kids with the Proteas

KFC Mini Cricket kids with the Proteas

The long-awaited KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas Tour is upon us and KFC and Cricket South Africa (CSA) are proud to announce that the Proteas are ready to meet St Andrews Primary School on the 22nd February 2018 at PPC Newlands. Whatever the outcome of the match, the day promises to be full of fun and excitement.

The Proteas, who have just taken on the world No. 1 Test team, India, in a thrilling test series, are looking to keep their momentum going against the KFC Mini-Cricket kids but this time they will be playing away from home as the match will be hosted by the school.

Thabisa Mkhwanazi, Public Affairs Director for KFC South Africa said, “At KFC we are fully committed to the development of our country’s young cricketers. The KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas Tour matches are always a special occasion, giving young cricketers the once in a lifetime opportunity to not only meet, but to play against their heroes. I wish the KFC Mini-Cricket kids from St Andrews the best of luck in their first game and I am confident they will do us proud.”

KFC has upped the level of the KFC Mini-Cricketers’ preparations by getting both Graeme Smith and Mfuneko Ngam to resume their roles as the KFC Mini-Cricket assistant coaches. The former Proteas legends will hold a full training session with the team, where they will spend time working on the various skills that the kids will need to beat the Proteas.

Former Proteas captain, Graeme Smith, who will assist the kids with their batting and fielding skills, points out that since this year’s tournament will only consist of three matches there will be a winner and the Proteas will want to win the series.

“The Proteas cricket team play to win, so this year the team will be even better prepared than before. Mfuneko and I are up for the challenge and it is our job to make sure that natural abilities of the kids will shine through,” said Smith.

Ex Proteas fast bowler, Mfuneko Ngam, believes that KFC have taken the tour to another level with the more intensive training sessions. “In the previous years we did well with the 2-hour training sessions but this year we are taking it to another level where Graeme and I can dedicate ourselves to individual aspects of the game, and this will give the kids more personalised training. Together with KFC and CSA, we hope to enrich the kids’ natural abilities and help them enjoy their cricket even more,” said Ngam.

Historically, the KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas Tour has been a tight affair with both teams having won one tour apiece and the 2015/16 and the 2016/17 tours both ending in a 2-2 draw

Schools or cricket club’s KFC Mini-Cricket teams can still stand a chance to take on the Proteas in the KFC Mini-Cricket Kids vs Proteas Tour, by simply dialling *120*7535# or visiting www.kfc.co.za/minicricket now to enter!