Northerns Cricket Union to start Titans Academy and Titans Cricket School

Johan Muller

Johan Muller

Northerns Cricket Union and SSE Cricket Institute have signed a partnership to create two top-class cricket coaching entities.

The Titans Academy will focus on the development of advanced cricket players leaving school, by providing them with a professional coaching environment and top of the range facilities at SuperSport Park, incorporating the programme of the SSE Cricket Institute.

The Titans Cricket School will provide high-level coaching sessions to players of all ages, after school hours. The Indoor nets, Titans gym and the outfield of SuperSport Park forms the basis of elite service delivery these programs will offer.

The experienced and highly qualified coaching team of SSE will be responsible for all coaching and program deliverance. The owners of SSE, Mark Charlton and Chris Cardoso, have built up well-respected names in cricket coaching. They have successfully built the after-school Academy concept at Northerns and bring years of experience to this partnership.

“We as Northerns Cricket Union are excited that this concept, generated by our CEO Mr. Jacques Faul, is becoming a reality. It only makes sense for us to create a program which combines our world-class facilities, with a quality cricket program. Joining hands with a well-respected entity in the Northerns coaching fraternity, makes a great deal of sense,” says Johan Muller, Manager of Cricket Operations.

“We believe that this initiative will create an opportunity for all players to receive high level coaching in a professional environment. We believe that our cricket pipeline of young cricketers will benefit enormously from opportunity,” Muller added.