Match Over - South Africa won by 78 runs + Match Details

Match Details

  • Toss: Sri Lanka, who chose to bat
  • Venue: Pallekele International Cricket Stadium
  • Referee: J Srinath
  • When: 05 Aug 2018, 06:30 SAST
  • Winner: South Africa
  • Man of the Match: RR Hendricks


  • Umpire1: NJ Llong
  • Umpire2: RR Wimalasiri
  • Third Umpire: PR Reiffel



Overs: 45.2 / 50.0

Sri Lanka



Overs: 50.0 / 50.0

South Africa

6.11pm That's all from us at Pallekele. The visitors make it 3-0, and it's also time to say goodbye at ESPNcricinfo. Hope you enjoyed our coverage. See you for the fourth ODI. Till then, adios!

6.05pm Time for the presentation.

Faf du Plessis, the winning captain: "Brilliant today. Once again, the batting was fantastic. We played aggressive. And obviously, for a debutant to play that freely was great to see. Every game there's one or two guys putting their hands up. Today was less spin and a good one-day wicket. Was nice to see even our bowlers getting a bit of pressure but coming out on top. We just keep taking wickets and that's a great way to plug the run flow. The plan is to test the bench strength now that the series is over. It was good to see Reeza do well in a crunch game. Let's see how I pull up tomorrow, and then decide whether I'll play the fourth game."

Angelo Mathews, the losing captain: "360 to chase was too much. Our execution with the ball was poor, but this is the brand of cricket we want to play. Want to play positive cricket. But a bunch of positives today: Dhananjaya batted well, some bowlers bowled well. But credit to Reeza and Duminy. We need to think out of the box if we need to win away. I know we aren't doing well, but we need to play on good wickets to develop. We're playing for pride, and we want to finish the series off well."

Reeza Hendricks is the Man of the Match: "This is lot different than T20I cricket, and happy to contribute. The wicket was pretty good, and the total made it fairly difficult for Sri Lanka. I didn't know I was the fastest debutant to get an ODI hundred."

Lungi Ngidi: We saw our batsman bat well, so we knew it'll be high scoring. I expected the ball to grip a bit more, but it didn't. I think it was similar to South African surfaces, but if you bowl well you'll earn some bounce. The main chat has been to play positively and look for ways to pick wickets. And with a total like 360, we knew we didn't have to necessarily defend too much. A good return after losing the Test series.

wap36: "Though a SA fan, I am really happy about the positive attitude shown by the SL batting line up and making this a match. Specially at 6/155, there was no "give-up" attitude by De Silva and Dananjaya. "

Sandaru Herath: "Here is something for the sri lankan fans to cheer about Sl u19 beat Ind u19 by 7 runs and lead the 3 match series 2-1"

Buddika: "Mathews did two things right today; calling the toss and telling that his men could chase 270"

5.51pm That's the series for South Africa, as they take an unassailable 3-0 lead. It was always going to be a difficult chase, but Sri Lanka have themselves to blame for that. Poor bowling from the hosts, combined by some very thoughtful batting by the visitors, took them to 363, which was just too much for a fragile Sri Lankan line-up. There was hope, of course, when Dhananjaya and Dananjaya kept the scoreboard ticking, but when those wickets fell in a heap, it was one-way traffic thereafter. Mathews and Faf have a chat in the dressing room, while the rest of the players shake on the ground. Lungi Ngidi shined with his four-for, but even Andile Phehlukwayo was impressive with his three-for.

45.2L Ngidi to RAS Lakmal, OUT, No run, is this it? Bowler and keeping converging, but Ngidi takes the catch! Slices this in the air and South Africa win by 78 runs!.
45.1L Ngidi to RAS Lakmal, No run, full outside off, but Lakmal's in the mood to tee off for every ball. Clears his front leg, but the attempted slog goes to midwicket.
End of over 45. 7 runs this over. 285/9 after 270 balls.
CBRLS Kumara 7 (13b 1x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 10-0-62-2
RAS Lakmal 12 (13b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 44. 3 runs this over. 278/9 after 264 balls.
CBRLS Kumara 2 (9b 0x4 0x6 ) L Ngidi 8-0-57-3
RAS Lakmal 10 (11b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 43. 2 runs this over. 275/9 after 257 balls.
CBRLS Kumara 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 9-0-55-2
RAS Lakmal 9 (10b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 42. 13 runs this over. 273/8 after 252 balls.
NGRP Jayasuriya 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 9-0-74-3
RAS Lakmal 8 (9b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 41. 4 runs this over. 259/7 after 245 balls.
RAS Lakmal 6 (7b 1x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 8-0-52-1
DM de Silva 72 (62b 8x4 1x6 ) more

leg slip in place

End of over 40. 6 runs this over. 255/7 after 240 balls.
RAS Lakmal 4 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 8-0-61-2
DM de Silva 71 (61b 8x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 39. 7 runs this over. 249/6 after 234 balls.
A Dananjaya 37 (41b 4x4 0x6 ) JP Duminy 4-0-24-0
DM de Silva 69 (59b 8x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 38. 6 runs this over. 238/6 after 227 balls.
A Dananjaya 33 (38b 3x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 7-0-51-1
DM de Silva 62 (55b 7x4 1x6 ) more

Kasun Suraj: "Tharanga left alone the first delivery he faced. When you have to chase a mammoth score should be with correct intentions. Players like Dilshan, Jayasuriya came to bat with knowing their role. " -- To be fair, in this situation, Tharanga's role was of the accumulator while Dickwella should've looked for the bigger shots

At this stage: SA were 227 for 4. Imagine!

End of over 37. 6 runs this over. 232/6 after 222 balls.
A Dananjaya 33 (37b 3x4 0x6 ) JP Duminy 3-0-17-0
DM de Silva 57 (51b 6x4 1x6 ) more

UJack: "Kudos to de Silva. The only half century for Sri Lanka on a day when SA has four half centuries to their credit! If only the top-order set a decent foundation...."

End of over 36. 8 runs this over. 226/6 after 216 balls.
DM de Silva 57 (51b 6x4 1x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 6-0-45-1
A Dananjaya 27 (31b 2x4 0x6 ) more

Mxp : "Well what if SriLanka can have to chase 100 in last ten overs with 4 wickets in hand " -- We'd have a game on our hands, wouldn't we?

End of over 35. 6 runs this over. 218/6 after 210 balls.
DM de Silva 50 (47b 5x4 1x6 ) JP Duminy 2-0-11-0
A Dananjaya 26 (29b 2x4 0x6 ) more

Vipula: "If we SL had another couple of wickets."

End of over 34. 9 runs this over. 211/6 after 203 balls.
A Dananjaya 21 (24b 2x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 8-0-33-0
DM de Silva 48 (45b 5x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 33. 5 runs this over. 202/6 after 198 balls.
A Dananjaya 20 (22b 2x4 0x6 ) JP Duminy 1-0-5-0
DM de Silva 41 (42b 5x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 32. 3 runs this over. 197/6 after 192 balls.
A Dananjaya 17 (18b 2x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 7-0-24-0
DM de Silva 39 (40b 5x4 0x6 ) more

And that will be the final drinks break of the game. Sreshth will take you through to the finish.

End of over 31. 14 runs this over. 194/6 after 186 balls.
A Dananjaya 15 (13b 2x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 7-0-48-1
DM de Silva 38 (39b 5x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 30. 9 runs this over. 180/6 after 180 balls.
A Dananjaya 14 (12b 2x4 0x6 ) PWA Mulder 6-0-34-1
DM de Silva 25 (34b 2x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 29. 10 runs this over. 171/6 after 174 balls.
DM de Silva 22 (32b 2x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 6-0-34-1
A Dananjaya 8 (8b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 28. 5 runs this over. 161/6 after 168 balls.
DM de Silva 17 (29b 1x4 0x6 ) PWA Mulder 5-0-25-1
A Dananjaya 3 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 27. 1 runs this over. 156/6 after 162 balls.
A Dananjaya 1 (3b 0x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 5-0-24-1
DM de Silva 14 (25b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 26. 5 runs this over. 155/5 after 155 balls.
DM de Silva 14 (24b 1x4 0x6 ) PWA Mulder 4-0-20-1
AD Mathews 32 (39b 3x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 25. 6 runs this over. 150/5 after 150 balls.
DM de Silva 11 (20b 1x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 4-0-23-0
AD Mathews 31 (38b 3x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 24. 6 runs this over. 144/5 after 144 balls.
AD Mathews 26 (36b 2x4 1x6 ) L Ngidi 7-0-54-3
DM de Silva 10 (16b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 23. 6 runs this over. 138/5 after 138 balls.
AD Mathews 25 (33b 2x4 1x6 ) T Shamsi 3-0-17-0
DM de Silva 5 (13b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 22. 2 runs this over. 132/5 after 132 balls.
AD Mathews 20 (30b 1x4 1x6 ) L Ngidi 6-0-48-3
DM de Silva 4 (10b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 21. 4 runs this over. 130/5 after 126 balls.
DM de Silva 3 (8b 0x4 0x6 ) T Shamsi 2-0-11-0
AD Mathews 19 (26b 1x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 20. 6 runs this over. 126/5 after 118 balls.
DM de Silva 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) L Ngidi 4-0-46-3
AD Mathews 18 (25b 1x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 19. 7 runs this over. 120/4 after 114 balls.
AD Mathews 18 (25b 1x4 1x6 ) T Shamsi 1-0-7-0
BKG Mendis 27 (31b 3x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 18. 2 runs this over. 113/4 after 108 balls.
BKG Mendis 21 (28b 2x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 6-0-21-0
AD Mathews 17 (22b 1x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 17. 7 runs this over. 111/4 after 102 balls.
BKG Mendis 20 (26b 2x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 5-0-37-1
AD Mathews 16 (18b 1x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 16. 4 runs this over. 104/4 after 96 balls.
BKG Mendis 15 (22b 1x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 5-0-19-0
AD Mathews 14 (16b 1x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 15. 11 runs this over. 100/4 after 89 balls.
AD Mathews 13 (13b 1x4 1x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 4-0-30-1
BKG Mendis 12 (18b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Time for drinks, and here's Karthik to see you through the middle overs.

End of over 14. 3 runs this over. 89/4 after 84 balls.
BKG Mendis 12 (18b 1x4 0x6 ) PWA Mulder 3-0-15-1
AD Mathews 3 (8b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 13. 4 runs this over. 85/4 after 77 balls.
AD Mathews 0 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 3-0-18-1
BKG Mendis 11 (15b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Sathyen: "The problem with Sri Lankan team is they miss the X factor in both batting and bowling which is most important to win matches against top sides. When they were at their pomp they had Sanath Jayasurya then Sangakkara firing on all cylinders and in bowling had Murali and there is no one of that stature in the current Sri Lankan team which is showing in their results."

End of over 12. 3 runs this over. 81/4 after 72 balls.
AD Mathews 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 ) PWA Mulder 2-0-12-1
BKG Mendis 8 (11b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Brad: "It's so great to see SA dominating the shorter version of the game against SL who dominated the tests so convincingly! You like the underdog, hope you supporting Ireland Ladies in the Hockey World Cup Final today! " -- I am! Even though they beat my Indian team in the quarter final :(

End of over 11. 3 runs this over. 76/3 after 65 balls.
NLTC Perera 12 (11b 2x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 2-0-12-1
BKG Mendis 7 (10b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Rifky: "@hasan... even if SL do.. it's just a one off thing... they sprung a surprise in the champions trophy against India... but series of loses continued to follow after that"

nick : "Hope Faf's OK, but did you see how close the other fielder - missed who it was - came to catching the ricochet as it popped out of Faf's hands? Would have been a Youtube dismissal "

End of over 10. 9 runs this over. 73/3 after 60 balls.
BKG Mendis 7 (10b 1x4 0x6 ) PWA Mulder 1-0-9-0
NLTC Perera 10 (6b 2x4 0x6 ) more

Tharindu: "im jest getting the sense that SL will run short if wickets.. not runrate like in the 1st ODI."

Rio: "Sri Lanka must learn from Bangladesh, how well they are playing in the limited-overs format despite playing a new look side. "

Buddika: "@Hasan, can't see that happening in this decade."

End of over 9. 9 runs this over. 64/3 after 54 balls.
NLTC Perera 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) AL Phehlukwayo 1-0-9-1
BKG Mendis 7 (9b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Hasan Ratul: "This SL ODI side needs to pull off an unlikely victory (either by chasing a mammoth total or by defending a below par total) to bring some sort of confidence back in them. "

Mustafa Moudi: "@Asid... Cant prove it with numbers, But Quite Sure both Most 6s and 4s on the First Ball records belongs to one and only Virender Sehwag !!" -- Gaye's gonna be up there too

End of over 8. 13 runs this over. 55/2 after 48 balls.
BKG Mendis 6 (8b 1x4 0x6 ) L Ngidi 4-0-40-2
MDKJ Perera 20 (13b 3x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 7. 2 runs this over. 42/2 after 42 balls.
MDKJ Perera 11 (9b 1x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 4-0-15-0
BKG Mendis 2 (6b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Francis: "Imagine this opening bowling partnership in 5 years time... scary"

Mazhar khan: "Rabada is an Express bowler and Lungi Ngidi is a wicket taker much like Dale Styen and L.Tsotsobe"

End of over 6. 7 runs this over. 40/2 after 36 balls.
MDKJ Perera 10 (7b 1x4 0x6 ) L Ngidi 3-0-27-2
BKG Mendis 1 (2b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Umer Abdullah: "Not sure how many players ASid, but I'm pretty confident we all know whose name will occur the most in that list. Shahid Khan Afridi"

End of over 5. 8 runs this over. 33/1 after 30 balls.
MDKJ Perera 8 (6b 1x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 3-0-13-0
WU Tharanga 15 (14b 1x4 1x6 ) more

ASid: "How many times has a player started his inning with a 6 in the first ball he faced?" -- Need to crunch numbers for that, but Perera's first delivery was a four, and not a six. The third umpire overruled the on-field umpire's decision there

Dush88: "KJP & Tharanga is the perfect combination for the situation if SL is to repeat 2006." -- The record chase against England? Yeah! But who will play the role of Sanath...?

End of over 4. 12 runs this over. 25/1 after 24 balls.
MDKJ Perera 5 (2b 1x4 0x6 ) L Ngidi 2-0-20-1
WU Tharanga 10 (12b 0x4 1x6 ) more

Mazhar khan: "I don't blame you Shah but from your commentary I get the feeling that you are a fan of Srilankan team ." -- Just rooting for the underdog, sir. And honestly, don't we all want a great game of cricket to top off our weekend? Here's Rabada with his third over.

End of over 3. 3 runs this over. 13/0 after 18 balls.
N Dickwella 10 (9b 2x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 2-0-5-0
WU Tharanga 3 (9b 0x4 0x6 ) more

ashan: "I want to see tharanga play like it's 2006."

Gimhan sachinth: "Another mistake by SL, KJP should open with Dickwella"

End of over 2. 8 runs this over. 10/0 after 12 balls.
N Dickwella 9 (7b 2x4 0x6 ) L Ngidi 1-0-8-0
WU Tharanga 1 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Rimnaz: "Sreshth, do you publish hate comments by any chance? Coz lotta them are about to come " -- Definitely not vile comments, but if they make cricketing sense, then why not?

End of over 1. 2 runs this over. 2/0 after 6 balls.
WU Tharanga 1 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) K Rabada 1-0-2-0
N Dickwella 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) more
WU TharangaC PWA Mulder B L Ngidi191711111.76
N DickwellaC F du Plessis B L Ngidi101020100
MDKJ PereraLBW AL Phehlukwayo271740158.82
BKG MendisC PWA Mulder B L Ngidi31344091.18
NLTC PereraC Q de Kock B PWA Mulder161420114.29
AD MathewsLBW T Shamsi32423176.19
DM de SilvaC Q de Kock B AL Phehlukwayo846683127.27
A DananjayaC L Ngidi B AL Phehlukwayo37424088.1
RAS LakmalC L Ngidi B L Ngidi12151080
NGRP JayasuriyaB T Shamsi0200-
CBRLS Kumaranot out 7131053.85
Total 285/10
K Rabada8.003404.25
L Ngidi8.205746.84
AL Phehlukwayo9.007438.22
PWA Mulder6.003415.67
T Shamsi10.006226.2
JP Duminy4.002406