Match Over - England won by 31 runs + Match Details

Match Details

  • Toss: England, who chose to bat
  • Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham
  • Referee: JJ Crowe
  • When: 01 Aug 2018, 12:00 SAST
  • Winner: England
  • Man of the Match: SM Curran


  • Umpire1: CB Gaffaney
  • Umpire2: Aleem Dar
  • Third Umpire: M Erasmus



Overs: 89.4 / 0.0




Overs: 76.0 / 0.0


1:04pm That is all from us from this Test. Both teams have nearly extra days now before heading to Lord's on Thursday for the second Test. A lot can change over two days, but whatever happens, let's hope that game can live up at least halfway to this one!

As usual, our superb correspondents will be sending in their stuff from Edgbaston through the day. Stick around for those, and if you're in India, you'll find highlights scattered all over. On behalf of Gnasher, Miller and Monga - it's goodbye from me.

In badminton, PV Sindhu will step out on court soon for her World Championships semifinal against Akane Yamaguchi, looking to make the final for the second straight year. Follow live updates from the match here

WATCH - 'Still feels like a dream', says Man-of-the-Match winner Sam Curran (India only)

Sam Curran: I can't take it all at the moment. It feels like I'm dreaming. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight coz I didn't get any last night. Lucky for Stokesy, he got an awesome start and turned it around. To be honest, I tried to learn a bit from Virat. Met Kumar the other day in the hotel and he spoke to me a bit about batting with the tail. Playing Test cricket in front of this crowd, with these guys I have grown up watching - I am just looking to learn everyday.

Sam Curran is the Man of the Match.

WATCH - 'Credit to both bowling sides', says Joe Root at the post-match presentation (India only)

Joe Root: "I am thrilled to bits. It has been a fantastic team performance despite the ups and downs the credit must go to the bowling unit. The easy thing to do is criticise the batters. We knew that if we stayed calm throughout, we would give ourselves the best chance to win. We did a good job in staying calm. We made sure we didn't get ahead of ourselves and after three days of fantastic cricket from both sides it gives us a lot of confidence going into the next game. Sam Curran has a great amount of skill, very exciting and promising cricketer. It is easy to make an emotional decision right now, but we need to sit outside and decide for Lord's depending on the surface."

WATCH - 'England were relentless', says Kohli at the post-match presentation (India only)

Virat Kohli: "First of all I think it was a great game. Glad to be part of such an exciting Test. Lot of times we came back, showed character there. But England were relentless. They made us work hard for the runs. Definitely could have applied ourselves better, but I'm proud of the fight. Haven't had the time to speak [to the team] but it'll be about taking the positives. We can be proud of the team for starting like that in a big series.

Lot to learn from the lower order - Ishant and Umesh getting stuck in there. Those sort of things make you look in the mirror as a top order batsman. We've got to be positive, fearless and take the negatives out.

From the team's point of view, the century was probably up there. Second-best to Adelaide. One that I'll remember. When you take your team close, it always feels good. Test match cricket is lovely. It's my favourite. There's nothing better than testing yourself against top quality for five days."

WATCH - Emotionally spent Stokes left speechless after England's win (India only)

An emotionally spent Ben Stokes:
"I thought we are a bit behind with the lead but Sam Curran took them out of play, the way that he played at such a young age, that was the big turning point of this test match.

It's great to be a part of this game, but I dunno...I don't know what to be feeling right now

Throughout the whole innings...Kohli played a brilliant knock in the first innings, but with the ball swinging he was trying to move across to play for that inswinger but actually the one that I was trying to swing away, he maybe leant over and missed one for a change.

Moemnets like that change the game in these tight ones. I'm proud to be part of this group, playing for England means so much, and it's a great start to this tough five-match series. And being 1-0 up we're in the box seat at the moment

We weren't quite sure what to expect here. Knew we needed five wickets and we had all the confidence, These games are brilliant. We've copped a lot of stick as a team recently and beating a team like India there has closed a few mouths.

Winning those tight games, you can't under-estimate what it gives teams for confidence. We've got a five-Test match series here, so we'll take all the confidence we can. No better way to start it off than that."

John: "Stokes a bit lost for words talking to Ian Ward after the game. I wonder whether he's thinking about the fact that he won't be there for the next game, assuming that his court case is on schedule."

Alfred: "To state the obvious - this needs to be on free-to-air!"

Dhaval : "Kohli's India know exactly what to mend in the next Test. Their bowlers set them up. It's the batsmen that need to improve. And of course the catching. And may be a little bit of team selection. I hope to see Pujara in the next Test. "

DJ: "All rounders proved to be the difference. Where Stokes matched up with Ashwin in terms of bowling, Curran was well ahead of Pandya in his game."

santosh battula: "I'm weak-hearted!"

Devine : "This match has knocked a few years off my life expectancy "Shagird Patel: "No hard feelings India... You have won this match for my heart.. Respect."

Dave Fern : "Phew! A corporate English sigh of relief!!"

Josh: "What an endorsement for test cricket!"

RobJ: "Well played every single one of you. What a fantastic test!"

Vatsala: "I hope that Indian bowlers not being able to get tail-enders out cheaply doesn't distract us from the fact that our top order was pretty absymal, with the notable exception of Kohli. I hope the selectors bring Pujara back."

Steve Lawrence: "Virat 200 runs other 10 Indians combined 122 runs. Man of the match? Not much of a match without him! "

Nishant: "What a Test Match it has been!!!! Well played Kohli and bowlers. If only had few other batsman contributed, it could have been a different ending."

WATCH - Pandya nicks to slip as England celebrate nervous win (India only)

12:32pm Handshakes from the players. India led by a dejected Kohli. Those players - both teams - know what they've just been through. No overt celebrations. It's been so well fought. The crowd are on their feet, the English contingent singing. What a match. Pulled along, at different points, by different champions. Top individual performances from Root and Bairstow, before Ashwin ripped through England in the first innings. Then, the Kohli show. Will anyone who witnessed it ever forget his 149? I'd bet against it. He kept India in the game, one that would probably not have made it to the fourth day without his innings. Ishant Sharma had his own skills to show after that. England, with a 13-run advantage, crumbled against him to 87 for 7. Then, Sam Curran happened. Wickets AND runs for the 20-year-old. If Kohli kept India in it, Curran wasn't far behind for England yesterday. To finish it all, Ben Stokes, who likely won't play the next Test, who came in and produced the goods after a nervous start to the day - he got Kohli and Pandya. On a day like this, that is guaranteed glory. Glory it is. England with their 1,000th Test by 31 runs.

54.2BA Stokes to HH Pandya, OUT, No run, guides it to first slip! Ben Stokes started the procession, Ben Stokes finishes it. What a match he has had with the ball. His fourth wicket of the innings. Length ball outside off, some lift off the surface. Pandya looks to stab at it and gets a big edge. Cook watches it closely and holds on to his right.
54.1BA Stokes to HH Pandya, No run, length ball angled in at off stump, pushed towards long-on on the rise.
End of over 54. 3 runs this over. 162/9 after 324 balls.
UT Yadav 0 (8b 0x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 4-1-9-1
HH Pandya 31 (59b 4x4 0x6 ) more

Michael: "If there was ever a chance to change the 'Craptain' tag he acquired for his unimaginative, defence first captaining of Yorkshire for Root this is it. His golden arm or Curran (MoM) to wrap this up. "

Remember, Umesh had already played this role for Kohli in the first innings. Pandya retains strike.

End of over 53. 1 runs this over. 159/9 after 318 balls.
UT Yadav 0 (7b 0x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 14-2-40-3
HH Pandya 28 (54b 4x4 0x6 ) more

Rashid to continue

And up come the fielders...not quite. They've stayed back.

Sarvesh: "Pandya must be saying to Yadav..As the famous scene from the movie Lagaan.. Bas chhu k daud kachra(just tap and run)"

End of over 52.  A maiden over! 158/9 after 312 balls.
UT Yadav 0 (6b 0x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 3-1-6-1
HH Pandya 27 (49b 4x4 0x6 ) more

He's survived.

Rachit Jain: "Taking the double instead of a single on ball 49.2 was the final nail in India's coffin. Pandya had the chance to score some boundaries against spin, but instead they chose to take a double and led to Ishant playing spin, which is his weakness."

End of over 51. 4 runs this over. 158/9 after 306 balls.
HH Pandya 27 (49b 4x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 13-2-39-3
UT Yadav 0 (0b 0x4 0x6 ) more

WATCH - Was there an inside edge? The third umpire doesn't think so... Ishant falls to Rashid! (India only)

Field's in now

Andy C: "Now please, PLEASE, England don't even think about giving Pandya the single to bowl at the other end. I still remember Melbourne 1982 when Eng did this with Border enabling him and Jeff Thomson to add 70 for the last wicket and get within 4 of victory. Mind you, you could well see this finishing with Malan dropping at second slip and first slip catching the rebound over his shoulder a la Tavare/Miller to end Thomson's resistance."

Shashwat: "What on earth is wrong with Pandya?????? Why wouldn't you farm the strike after 7 down!!!"

End of over 50. 2 runs this over. 154/9 after 300 balls.
I Sharma 11 (15b 2x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 2-0-6-1
HH Pandya 23 (43b 3x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 49. 10 runs this over. 152/8 after 294 balls.
HH Pandya 23 (43b 3x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 12-2-35-3
I Sharma 9 (9b 2x4 0x6 ) more

Adil Rashid has come on.

mavR: ""There are no tailenders , we are lower order batsmen " - Ishant Sharma yesterday !"

DAvidS: "Ok Sharma, you've got your average now. Off you go."

Rahul: "Plot twist! It's the senior man farming the strike. Pandya is just there to tap and run first ball. "

WATCH - Stokes is on a roll as Shami edges to Bairstow (India only)

Aleem Dar has stepped in and asked the players to behave after a bit of lip

It's all kicking off at Edgbaston, so don't forget to send us your #PoliteEnquiries for Mel and Nagraj on Twitter. And don't forget the hashtag!

End of over 48. 1 runs this over. 142/8 after 288 balls.
I Sharma 0 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) SM Curran 6-0-18-1
HH Pandya 22 (41b 3x4 0x6 ) more

WATCH - Kohli finally falls! Trapped lbw by a Ben Stokes inswinger (India only)

Pandya is trusting India's long-time blocking specialist

End of over 47.  A maiden over! 141/8 after 282 balls.
Mohammed Shami 0 (3b 0x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 11-2-25-3
HH Pandya 21 (40b 3x4 0x6 ) more

Mannan: "Stokes doing a flntoff here!!"

Dave Fern : "And all of England rejoices!!"

End of over 46. 8 runs this over. 141/6 after 276 balls.
HH Pandya 21 (40b 3x4 0x6 ) SCJ Broad 14-2-43-2
V Kohli 51 (90b 4x4 0x6 ) more

Andrew Coan: "Joe, get Broad off and Curran on, like NOW!" --- Curran is warming up. But it'll be Stokes from this end.

The ball's been checked for's alright

End of over 45. 8 runs this over. 133/6 after 270 balls.
V Kohli 51 (90b 4x4 0x6 ) JM Anderson 16-2-50-2
HH Pandya 13 (34b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Ben Stokes is warming up

Chris Palmer: "I'm a nervous Englishman. Even if the splendid Kohli does go, the tail doesn't have to thrash that much..."

End of over 44. 4 runs this over. 125/6 after 264 balls.
HH Pandya 10 (33b 1x4 0x6 ) SCJ Broad 13-2-35-2
V Kohli 46 (85b 3x4 0x6 ) more

Lively times. Here's Varun

Fahim: "7 overs 11 runs so boringly interesting game of test cricket " Exquisitely dull

End of over 43. 1 runs this over. 121/6 after 258 balls.
V Kohli 46 (85b 3x4 0x6 ) JM Anderson 15-2-42-2
HH Pandya 6 (27b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Darshit Karia: "Eng brought rasheed back from retirements. Can we bring dravid back for the next test? Virat will surely like his company at the crease."

Jonny: "Is it just me or does anybody else think that India can win this at ease, I mean, no one in the English side knows how to take the wicket of Kohli!" I think ease is overstating it, but yes, they are doing most things right for now...

End of over 42. 1 runs this over. 120/6 after 252 balls.
V Kohli 46 (83b 3x4 0x6 ) SCJ Broad 12-2-31-2
HH Pandya 5 (23b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Ijaz Chishty : "Who is going to win Kohli or England heart says Kohli but mind says England no chance of draw but I want a draw here bcz no one deserve defeat "

Trent Woodhill, batting guru to the greats, on Twitter: "What sets the great players out from the good is the hunger for the next ball. Always enjoying the process rather than being distracted by the result. "

End of over 41. 2 runs this over. 119/6 after 246 balls.
HH Pandya 4 (19b 0x4 0x6 ) JM Anderson 14-2-41-2
V Kohli 46 (81b 3x4 0x6 ) more

Gopal: "This is going to be one of the most crucial knocks in the career of Hardik the Test batsman. What an opportunity for him! "

Premin: "How is Pandya holding up. His control % looks good. Also we could see that Kohli is trusting on him by rotating the strike" Solid as a rock. Sort of

End of over 40.  A maiden over! 117/6 after 240 balls.
HH Pandya 3 (15b 0x4 0x6 ) SCJ Broad 11-2-30-2
V Kohli 45 (79b 3x4 0x6 ) more

santosh battula: "This game is not for the weak-hearted." Ain't that the truth!

George Dobell: This is already the most patient innings of Pandya's career.

End of over 39. 4 runs this over. 117/6 after 234 balls.
HH Pandya 3 (9b 0x4 0x6 ) JM Anderson 13-2-39-2
V Kohli 45 (79b 3x4 0x6 ) more

WATCH - New day, new luck for Dawid Malan as he catches one in the slips finally. (India only)

Vishal: "Kohli should start treating Pandya as a tailender. Can't trust any of the Indian batsman" He's certainly not doing that yet ... has to have faith in his team-mates for now or even he'll be crushed by the weight of expectation

End of over 38. 1 runs this over. 113/6 after 228 balls.
HH Pandya 0 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) SCJ Broad 10-1-30-2
V Kohli 44 (78b 3x4 0x6 ) more

WATCH - Broad reflects on being part of a "nerve-wracking Test" (India only)

End of over 37. 2 runs this over. 112/6 after 222 balls.
KD Karthik 20 (50b 2x4 0x6 ) JM Anderson 12-2-35-2
V Kohli 43 (76b 3x4 0x6 ) more

Well, well, well. This is tasty! Here's Broad

There's a reason why England are dreaming about getting Kohli out early. India can't expect another lower-order miracle

End of over 36. 1 runs this over. 110/5 after 216 balls.
V Kohli 43 (76b 3x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 10-1-25-1
KD Karthik 18 (44b 2x4 0x6 ) more

10.58am It's Jerusalem time... as a bunch of bananas get patted down by the security staff at the turnstiles ... yes, it's fancy dress Saturday at Edgbaston ... and there's hardly a cloud in the sky. Advantage India from the overheads. Here's James Anderson to launch the day's proceedings, with Karthik in his sights. Play!

10.55am Over on your other browser tab, Sid Monga has run up a poll - who is going to win this one? His insider tip is on the draw ...

Stuart: "So Cricinfo Boffinismos, in a perfect world which bowlers (dream team stuff here) do you bowl on this pitch to take out Kohli and co? McGrath + Ambrose? Starc? Akram? Boult? Steyn + Rabada? " I'd go for a seam and swing combo of Ambrose and Akram (Ambrose over McGrath simply because he had the better glare). With Warne lurking up my sleeve in the under-utilised Rashid role...

10.50am Morning all. And we're straight into a pitch update. Michael Holding has cast his eye over the three-day-old pitch, and reckons there's nothing in it for the batsmen to fear. Still tinges of green, thanks to the overcast weather, but it remains firm and is unlikely to play up significantly. It all depends on the bowlers!

Ayush: "In Bangalore, working on Legal Agreements and Checking Cricinfo in every 2 mins. This is making me more nervous than I was before my First court appearance. Hope our Bangalore Boy Virat does the job"

10:48am Not long now! Andrew Miller is ready to take you through the opening. Catch you later!

Jalebi: "I live in Halesowen, a town just 15 minutes away from the ground (if you are as eager to get to the ground as we all are and the roads are somewhat clear) and the sky is clearing up rapidly. Lots of blue now, very little grey. "

Mike Lord: "You ask where the England fans - here but you never publish our comments. I'm watching in Vietnam."

Chirag: "Have my employees all around, really ruing my decision to work on Saturdays. Forget watching, will have to sneak a glance at Cricinfo to check the score. Gonna be hell of the next 2 hours" --- Go home Sit around the big screen, all of you!

10:39am Right, our editors have made their predictions. The Indian fans on feedback have made it clear how they're leaning. Where are the English fans?! And how do you feel this morning?

Vcd: "I live in Birmingham and today sky is a bit cloudy but definitely no rain. Why do the test matches start at 11am? What are we supposed to till 11am?. Can't wait for the match to start!!"

10:35am Hisham: "Pardon my ignorance, but what time does the days play start? " --- In 25 minutes. What's the scene like where you're all watching?

Kris: "@ Kunal Completely agree. Along with publicity, it needs good pitches which are neutral and not too much in favour or either batsmen or bowlers"

Kunal: "So many matches in recent times have been thrilling and this is one of the most exciting, and yet people keep writing euologies for Test cricket. That's why the article from George is brilliant. Test cricket is not dying. It just needs publicity. "

Raghu: "What's the weather like? Hoping sunny!!!" --- Yeah I've seen visuals, looks like some sun over there.

And Nagraj Gollapudi reckons Ishant should get angry more often; he turns into a hitman rather than a hit-the-deck-guy: India's slim atlas

10:15am We've been screaming it all match long - TEST CRICKET IS THE BEST. But George Dobell is a mature, calm man, and he's gathered his thoughts, meditated on Test cricket's importance and given us this gem. It is essential reading: Imagine there's a future for's easy if you try

Sidharth Monga has set it up on the Live Report, where, btw, you'll soon see what our desk here at ESPNcricinfo thinks is going to happen today:

"Glory awaits one side. Heartbreak the other. Even a tie perhaps. Virat Kohli is in the middle of one of the great solos in Test cricket. It was rough in the first innings. It is melodious now. Yet there is chaos around. England have thrown their best a