Match Over - India won by 8 wickets + Match Details

Match Details

  • Toss: India, who chose to bat
  • Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham
  • Referee: DC Boon
  • When: 12 Jul 2018, 13:30 SAST
  • Winner: India
  • Man of the Match: Kuldeep Yadav


  • Umpire1: RT Robinson
  • Umpire2: RSA Palliyaguruge
  • Third Umpire: BNJ Oxenford



Overs: 49.5 / 50.0




Overs: 40.1 / 50.0


India win by eight wickets to take the series lead and it's been a thumping performance. Once they broke England's opening stand India never looked back. Kuldeep Yadav the man who did most of the damage but India's other bowlers ensured England could never get away from them with the bat. Jos Buttler and Ben Stokes managed to build a middle-order platform, but there was no late explosion this time. Then with the bat it was a cakewalk for India, led by another masterful hundred from Rohit Sharma and a lovely innings from Virat Kohli. They have laid down yet another marker. Will England be able to bounce back at Lord's in two days?

Meet: "@Mel... the fact that India restricted England to such score without their best death bowlers (B gang) is quite impressive. All kudos to young Kuldeep but, Indian batsmen are playing fluently in this series as well. Ability to play spin is one factor, but not the only factor."

Steve: "And to think just a week ago English sport looked so pink and fluffy and filled us with a warm fuzzy feeling......sigh."

Allen Turing: "With all the talks of Merlyn waving his magic, England are missing one major point here. They are trying too hard to play the spin, rather than picking the spin out of the hand. The moment you start playing off the pitch, well no explanation needed."

We'll bring you the presentations shortly...Eoin Morgan "Certainly not our best day we've had here, full credit to India they completely outplayed us. Playing against spin is a challenge we will hopefully continue to improve on. We might need to sit in or a better way to play him...think Lord's will be different. He [Kuldeep] extracted more turn than any other spinner. Our playing against spin will have to improve. To be honest, between now and the World Cup we need to expose our areas of weakness and this is one of them."

Virat Kohli "As clinical as it can be. We knew it was a really good wicket but wrist spin in the middle overs would be tricky. When they have 10 overs then know they have the skills to have an impact. Kuldeep was outstanding, I don't think I've seen a better ODI spell in a while. We want him confident because we know he can be a matchwinner - 50 over cricket, if you don't get wickets it's very difficult. [Kuldeep for the Test side?] There might be a few surprises there, we have a few days to pick the Test side. Looking at the England batsmen struggling we might be tempted to do that. The weather has been lovely, very welcoming. It's been good so far. It doesn't feel like we away from home. There's some tough cricket in front of us."

The Man of the Match is Kuldeep Yadav "For me it's a big day. I started pretty well, luckily I got some early wickets. For me it doesn't matter where I'm playing. There was a little bit of turn. After the first over I felt in the game. If you are using your variations it's more difficult for the batsmen. I'm hoping for the Test squad, let's see."

So first honours to India in the one-day series, as it was in the T20s. Sid Monga's report will be here shortly. The series now moves to Lord's on Saturday. We'll be back to bring you all the action but for now, from Miller and Gnasher, it's goodbye and thanks for joining us.

40.1MM Ali to KL Rahul, 1 run, and there's the victory, hacks a full delivery through the leg side.
40.1MM Ali to KL Rahul, WIDE, 1 run, fired way down the leg side, a massive wide.
End of over 40. 8 runs this over. 266/2 after 239 balls.
KL Rahul 7 (16b 0x4 0x6 ) JE Root 1-0-8-0
RG Sharma 137 (114b 15x4 4x6 ) more
End of over 39. 9 runs this over. 258/2 after 234 balls.
KL Rahul 7 (15b 0x4 0x6 ) MM Ali 8-0-58-1
RG Sharma 134 (110b 15x4 4x6 ) more

Mel: "They may not have impressed today but I wouldn't be writing Englands obituary either. The difference between these two teams is one thing - the ability to play spin. It is late but if England can figure out how to handle it - or at least not lose wickets, then the series could get more competitive. I'm sure they are glad they are realizing this now rather than in the tests."

End of over 38. 3 runs this over. 249/2 after 228 balls.
RG Sharma 126 (106b 14x4 4x6 ) DJ Willey 5-0-25-0
KL Rahul 6 (13b 0x4 0x6 ) more

A piece of history was made a few moments ago in Finland, where Hima Das became the first Indian track athlete to medal at a global event by winning the 400m at the U20 championships. Here's more on that.

Jerin: "Rohit is the grandad of daddy hundreds. Imagine India was batting first today"

End of over 37. 7 runs this over. 246/2 after 222 balls.
RG Sharma 124 (102b 14x4 4x6 ) AU Rashid 10-0-62-1
KL Rahul 5 (11b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 36. 2 runs this over. 239/2 after 216 balls.
RG Sharma 118 (99b 13x4 4x6 ) DJ Willey 4-0-22-0
KL Rahul 4 (8b 0x4 0x6 ) more

That will be drinks ... here's Gnasher to put the seal on England's glorious fightback ...

Foresight: "We are going to take a thrashing in this series......" That's 2020 vision, right there

Aditya: "Kohli is getting better as tour progress. He is saving all his reserve of test series. I am predicting a huge test series for Kohli" You're not the only one ...

End of over 35. 9 runs this over. 237/2 after 210 balls.
RG Sharma 117 (97b 13x4 4x6 ) AU Rashid 9-0-55-1
KL Rahul 3 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Hindsight: "As it turns out, England were about 100 runs below par." 180 more like... India haven't even stretched themselves today

WATCH - Rashid beats Kohli in flight, Buttler stumps him

End of over 34. 2 runs this over. 228/2 after 204 balls.
RG Sharma 110 (94b 12x4 4x6 ) DJ Willey 3-0-20-0
KL Rahul 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) more

pandu dhanwada: "Although Rohit sharma played great knock, I would say man of the match goes to Kuldeep for his 6/25" Hard to dispute that!

End of over 33. 2 runs this over. 226/2 after 198 balls.
V Kohli 75 (82b 7x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 8-0-46-1
RG Sharma 109 (89b 12x4 4x6 ) more
End of over 32. 9 runs this over. 224/1 after 192 balls.
RG Sharma 108 (86b 12x4 4x6 ) MM Ali 7-0-49-1
V Kohli 74 (79b 7x4 0x6 ) more

Raghav: "The contrast in the game play of both the teams is quite large. Can't believe just few weeks ago this ground saw 481! Such is the sport of cricket! Also while writing Rohit reaches his 100! Things going the opposite direction for England! "

End of over 31. 8 runs this over. 215/1 after 186 balls.
RG Sharma 101 (84b 12x4 3x6 ) AU Rashid 7-0-44-0
V Kohli 72 (75b 7x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 30. 2 runs this over. 207/1 after 180 balls.
V Kohli 71 (74b 7x4 0x6 ) MM Ali 6-0-40-1
RG Sharma 94 (79b 12x4 2x6 ) more
End of over 29. 6 runs this over. 205/1 after 174 balls.
V Kohli 70 (69b 7x4 0x6 ) LE Plunkett 6-0-31-0
RG Sharma 93 (78b 12x4 2x6 ) more

Sourav: "Dhoni may not get to hit 37 runs but he can still hit the winning 6 as final rituals"

End of over 28. 16 runs this over. 199/1 after 168 balls.
V Kohli 65 (65b 6x4 0x6 ) MM Ali 5-0-38-1
RG Sharma 92 (76b 12x4 2x6 ) more

Mohit k.: "Rohit's form looking ominous for England. He is capable of clinching the odi series on his own. He could have added another double to his collection if India had batted first."

End of over 27. 8 runs this over. 183/1 after 162 balls.
RG Sharma 81 (73b 11x4 1x6 ) LE Plunkett 5-0-25-0
V Kohli 60 (62b 6x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 26. 6 runs this over. 175/1 after 156 balls.
V Kohli 57 (60b 6x4 0x6 ) MM Ali 4-0-22-1
RG Sharma 76 (69b 10x4 1x6 ) more

Nandakiran: "I wish Dhoni gets to make 37 runs today. Will he?" Not sure he'll be given the chance, to be honest!

End of over 25. 15 runs this over. 169/1 after 150 balls.
RG Sharma 75 (66b 10x4 1x6 ) MA Wood 6-0-55-0
V Kohli 52 (57b 5x4 0x6 ) more

It's been comfortable throughout really ...WATCH - Highlights of first 15 overs of India's chase (India only)

Anudeep: "This Indian team like the Australia of the early 2000's. Absolute dominance....!!!" Does that make England the new South Africa ... [urggh .... gasp ... splutter] ... don't answer that...

End of over 24. 2 runs this over. 154/1 after 144 balls.
RG Sharma 66 (63b 8x4 1x6 ) MM Ali 3-0-16-1
V Kohli 46 (54b 4x4 0x6 ) more

Kunal D: "In what got burried under the shadow of yet another master chase currently in progress by India, 'King Kohli' surpassed legendary Adam Gilchrist today in highest ODI run-getter list. Mohammad Yousuf next on the list!" Well, well, so he has. That's a notable scalp!

Sameer: "Okay, stop this.Restart this boring game. This time just tell the English team that they got through to the finals in WC. " If both sides are happy with that, I'm sure that could be arranged!

End of over 23. 12 runs this over. 152/1 after 138 balls.
RG Sharma 65 (60b 8x4 1x6 ) AU Rashid 6-0-36-0
V Kohli 45 (51b 4x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 22. 7 runs this over. 140/1 after 132 balls.
V Kohli 44 (50b 4x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 4-0-27-0
RG Sharma 54 (55b 6x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 21. 5 runs this over. 133/1 after 126 balls.
RG Sharma 49 (53b 5x4 1x6 ) AU Rashid 5-0-24-0
V Kohli 42 (46b 4x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 20. 3 runs this over. 128/1 after 119 balls.
V Kohli 38 (42b 4x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 3-0-20-0
RG Sharma 48 (50b 5x4 1x6 ) more

Zaid: "Failure in Politics, Failure in Football and Failure in Cricket as well. Gotta feel sorry for the English fans. " Many of us lived through the 1990s ... we survived then, we'll survive now!

Arham: "Miller, please avoid using the number 180. Brings back bad memories for some people ;)" For whom? Michael van Gerwen?

End of over 19. 3 runs this over. 125/1 after 114 balls.
V Kohli 37 (38b 4x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 4-0-19-0
RG Sharma 47 (49b 5x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 18. 8 runs this over. 122/1 after 108 balls.
V Kohli 36 (34b 4x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 2-0-17-0
RG Sharma 45 (47b 5x4 1x6 ) more

Arnav: "India has mastered the way to chase.. this chase is now on auto mode.. there can be only one winner from this point onwards.. and that cannot be england." Well, indeed. To take you through the next stage it's over to Miller

End of over 17. 4 runs this over. 114/1 after 102 balls.
V Kohli 29 (29b 3x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 3-0-16-0
RG Sharma 44 (46b 5x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 16. 6 runs this over. 110/1 after 96 balls.
V Kohli 26 (24b 3x4 0x6 ) LE Plunkett 4-0-17-0
RG Sharma 43 (45b 5x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 15. 6 runs this over. 104/1 after 90 balls.
RG Sharma 42 (43b 5x4 1x6 ) AU Rashid 2-0-12-0
V Kohli 21 (20b 2x4 0x6 ) more

Ravi Chandra Sa: "Who is waiting for a run out to happen?"

End of over 14. 5 runs this over. 98/1 after 84 balls.
V Kohli 20 (18b 2x4 0x6 ) LE Plunkett 3-0-11-0
RG Sharma 37 (39b 4x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 13. 6 runs this over. 93/1 after 78 balls.
V Kohli 17 (15b 2x4 0x6 ) AU Rashid 1-0-6-0
RG Sharma 35 (36b 4x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 12. 4 runs this over. 87/1 after 72 balls.
V Kohli 12 (12b 1x4 0x6 ) LE Plunkett 2-0-6-0
RG Sharma 34 (33b 4x4 1x6 ) more

Pranayc: "I'm no fan of Dhawan but I think his role is very important to the team. He allows Rohit to play those 20-25 balls without pressure which he needs before he settles in. Dhawan is that infantry which get sacrificed so that cavalry can charge and take the glory."

End of over 11. 9 runs this over. 83/1 after 66 balls.
V Kohli 9 (9b 1x4 0x6 ) BA Stokes 1-0-9-0
RG Sharma 33 (30b 4x4 1x6 ) more

WATCH - Dhawan skews a catch to point off Moeen (India only)

End of over 10. 2 runs this over. 74/1 after 60 balls.
RG Sharma 27 (27b 3x4 1x6 ) LE Plunkett 1-0-2-0
V Kohli 6 (6b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Steve: "Dhawan is always out to rash shots. The reason why he will never be a great batsman is his lack of discipline."

WATCH - Kohli gets off the mark in style (India only)

End of over 9. 13 runs this over. 72/1 after 54 balls.
RG Sharma 26 (24b 3x4 1x6 ) MA Wood 5-0-40-0
V Kohli 5 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) more

WATCH - Rohit's magnificent drive over mid-off for six (India only)

End of over 8. 6 runs this over. 59/1 after 48 balls.
RG Sharma 18 (21b 1x4 1x6 ) MM Ali 2-0-14-1
V Kohli 0 (0b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Another Powerplay wicket for Moeen, but India are well up and running. It's Kohli at No. 3

GIRISH GARG: "balls getting damaged from ground infrastructure, possibly excess use of concrete in stands, might need few extra hundred balls for the WC19."

End of over 7. 8 runs this over. 53/0 after 42 balls.
RG Sharma 17 (19b 1x4 1x6 ) MA Wood 4-0-27-0
S Dhawan 35 (23b 7x4 0x6 ) more

The umpires are inspecting a ball...appears a chunk has come out of it

End of over 6. 8 runs this over. 45/0 after 36 balls.
RG Sharma 10 (14b 1x4 0x6 ) MM Ali 1-0-8-0
S Dhawan 34 (22b 7x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 5. 13 runs this over. 37/0 after 30 balls.
S Dhawan 32 (20b 7x4 0x6 ) MA Wood 3-0-19-0
RG Sharma 4 (10b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 4. 5 runs this over. 24/0 after 24 balls.
S Dhawan 19 (14b 4x4 0x6 ) DJ Willey 2-0-18-0
RG Sharma 4 (10b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 3. 2 runs this over. 18/0 after 17 balls.
S Dhawan 13 (7b 3x4 0x6 ) MA Wood 2-0-5-0
RG Sharma 4 (10b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 2. 13 runs this over. 16/0 after 12 balls.
S Dhawan 13 (6b 3x4 0x6 ) DJ Willey 1-0-13-0
RG Sharma 3 (6b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 1. 3 runs this over. 3/0 after 6 balls.
RG Sharma 2 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) MA Wood 1-0-3-0
S Dhawan 1 (2b 0x4 0x6 ) more
RG Sharmanot out 137114154120.18
S DhawanC AU Rashid B MM Ali402780148.15
V KohliSt. JC Buttler AU Rashid75827091.46
KL Rahulnot out 9180050
SK Raina -
MS Dhoni -
HH Pandya -
S Kaul -
Kuldeep Yadav -
UT Yadav -
YS Chahal -
Total 269/2
MA Wood6.005509.17
DJ Willey5.002505
MM Ali8.106017.35
LE Plunkett6.003105.17
BA Stokes4.002706.75
AU Rashid10.006216.2
JE Root1.00909