Match Over - Australia won by 118 runs + Match Details

Match Details

  • Toss: Australia, who chose to bat
  • Venue: Kingsmead, Durban
  • Referee: JJ Crowe
  • When: 01 Mar 2018, 10:00 SAST
  • Winner: Australia
  • Man of the Match: MA Starc


  • Umpire1: HDPK Dharmasena
  • Umpire2: S Ravi
  • Third Umpire: CB Gaffaney



Overs: 51.4 / 0.0

South Africa



Overs: 110.4 / 0.0


10.45am: Right, that wraps up a pretty decent first Test - a morsel of what's to come. Australia were the better side but, the way South Africa came back at them, they'll know they're in a battle for the rest of the series. I'll leave you with Brydon Coverdale's report on the last knockings, we'll be back for more later in the week. Thanks for joining us, cheerio!

10.30am: Time for the presentations, starting with South Africa captain Faf du Plessis: [Always behind on first innings?] "Spot on, they posted 50 runs too many, that's credit to the way they batted, their tail added vital runs. Both team were around 150-160 for 5. Our first innings total was always under par, that's the batters responsibility, not enough partnerships. To lose by 100-odd runs, we know we didn't have enough in the first innings. [Fightback?] First of all with the ball, we were really good, to restrict them to 220, then with the bat, Markram was really special. Really proud of our fight but not quite good enough to live with Australia. [Port Elizabeth next] The character of this team means we'll never go down without a fight."

Mitchell Starc is Man of the Match for his nine wickets (plus some biffing with the bat): "It's nice to put a few in the right spot. Little bit of work to do with the new ball, getting early wickets. Winning a Test match, I'll take that for the group. [Changing wrist position between orthodox and reverse swing?] I don't find it too difficult, probably more natural when it's reversing, it's a good habit to have. [Batting?] Probably got stuck in two minds during the home innings, but nice to get some runs, always encouraging for the tail to add to the total. [Bowl spin in bad light?] I didn't want to ... the skipper might have been trying to jag one himself. Just special to win a Test match."

Australia captain Steven Smith: "Yeah, nice way to start, especially against a top-quality opposition. Really pleased with the way the boys played, Mitch Marsh coming in with 96, the way the tail contributed, that was obviously the difference in the end. A really good game of cricket. I think winning the toss and batting was ideal. Reverse swing played a part through the game. It was a hard-fought Test match, yesterday was a great day of Test cricket, Aiden Markram played exceptionally well, but when Mitch Marsh broke that partnership it got a bit easier. Our practice in the game before this Test was spot on and its pleasing to play as we have. There's not doubt SA will come out hard against at Port Elizabeth and we'll be up for the fight again."

10.20am: Australia go 1-0 up in the four-match series - not bad for 20 minutes work. The wicket that eluded them last night was never likely to keep the tourists waiting for too long today. De Kock played extremely well, to the extent that when he and Markram were batting during the evening session on Sunday, it was possible to imagine the scales shifting - but really, having conceded a 189-run deficit on first innings, they were always hoping for miracles. Still, it was important they showed some fight, with the teams meeting again in Port Elizabeth on Friday.

92.4JR Hazlewood to Q de Kock, OUT, No run, reversing in, smack on the back pad - given! Hazlewood has done it, de Kock looks guilty although he belatedly asks for the review, which pretty much tells the story. Thought there might have been an inside edge, but no, it beat the bat as de Kock drove, would have hit leg stump. So Australia wrap up a 118-run win, finishing the innings off without drama on the final morning.
92.3JR Hazlewood to M Morkel, 3 runs, full, Morkel slashes a thick outside edge through gully and they pick up three - he's off the mark!.
92.2JR Hazlewood to M Morkel, No run, round the wicket, pitched up and Morkel goes for an airy swish, fails to connect.
92.1JR Hazlewood to Q de Kock, 1 run, length outside off and de Kock pops it in the air through point, this time they do take the single.
End of over 92. 1 runs this over. 294/9 after 552 balls.
M Morkel 0 (36b 0x4 0x6 ) MA Starc 18-2-75-4
Q de Kock 82 (147b 11x4 0x6 ) more

Morkel has now dead-batted six overs on his own, still without a run... Not even halfway to Geoff Allott's Test record, though

End of over 91.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 546 balls.
M Morkel 0 (33b 0x4 0x6 ) JR Hazlewood 15-2-57-2
Q de Kock 81 (144b 11x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 90.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 540 balls.
Q de Kock 81 (144b 11x4 0x6 ) MA Starc 17-2-74-4
M Morkel 0 (27b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 89.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 534 balls.
M Morkel 0 (27b 0x4 0x6 ) NM Lyon 32-7-86-0
Q de Kock 81 (138b 11x4 0x6 ) more

6pm: It will be Australia's day, and Australia's Test, tomorrow: but Aiden Markram should be allowed this moment. His magnificent innings gave South Africa hope, which had begun to bloom as the sun set, only for reality to kick in when Mitchell Marsh made the breakthrough. That little window was all Starc needed, and he quickly bulldozed the tail. Credit to Morne Morkel for not giving it away over the course of nine overs of spin - credit, too, to Quinton de Kock, who played superbly to emerge from a rut of bad form - but I doubt the scorers will be detained for long in the morning, with the new ball due and the quicks off the leash once again. Anyway, it's been an enthralling day, one in which South Africa showed that there's fight left in them for the series. Brydon's report will tell the tale of a top-order collapse, Markram's defiance and the Marsh intervention that calmed Australia nerves (Indian readers can watch highlights here). From Nikhil and myself, it's thanks and goodnight. Bye!

Smith is in discussion with the umpires, this is going to be it for the night; Morkel tucks his bat under his arm, there's a smattering of applause from the crowd. South Africa have taken this into day five - although, with 124 runs still needed and only one wicket standing, the result is all but confirmed. Frustration for Australia but Mitchell Starc gets a few pats on the back as the players walk off; three wickets in an over from him had put Australia within touching distance, before the umpires ruled that the light was good enough only for spin to be bowled

Forward short leg in as well now

End of over 88.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 528 balls.
Q de Kock 81 (138b 11x4 0x6 ) SPD Smith 5-3-3-0
M Morkel 0 (21b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 87.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 522 balls.
M Morkel 0 (21b 0x4 0x6 ) NM Lyon 31-6-86-0
Q de Kock 81 (132b 11x4 0x6 ) more

Silly point is in, along with slip, leg slip and short leg

End of over 86.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 516 balls.
Q de Kock 81 (132b 11x4 0x6 ) SPD Smith 4-2-3-0
M Morkel 0 (15b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 85.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 510 balls.
M Morkel 0 (15b 0x4 0x6 ) NM Lyon 30-5-86-0
Q de Kock 81 (126b 11x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 84.  A maiden over! 293/9 after 504 balls.
Q de Kock 81 (126b 11x4 0x6 ) SPD Smith 3-1-3-0
M Morkel 0 (9b 0x4 0x6 ) more

"When was the last time Gaz actually went wicketless in an innings?" wonders James. "Is he not bowling well today?" He went a bit flat during the big Markram-de Kock stand, but otherwise been okay

End of over 83. 1 runs this over. 293/9 after 498 balls.
M Morkel 0 (9b 0x4 0x6 ) NM Lyon 29-4-86-0
Q de Kock 81 (120b 11x4 0x6 ) more

Two balls for Morkel to survive

"Given the form he's in, I'd have Starc bowl some leggies," chuckles Brendan

End of over 82. 1 runs this over. 292/9 after 492 balls.
M Morkel 0 (7b 0x4 0x6 ) SPD Smith 2-0-3-0
Q de Kock 80 (116b 11x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 81. 1 runs this over. 291/9 after 486 balls.
M Morkel 0 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) NM Lyon 28-4-85-0
Q de Kock 79 (112b 11x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 80.  A maiden over! 290/9 after 480 balls.
K Rabada 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) MA Starc 16-1-74-4
Q de Kock 78 (111b 11x4 0x6 ) more

Three in five balls for Starc and Australia have this within their grasp. But hold on, the umpires are chatting with Smith. The second new ball is due but it's too dark to continue with quick bowling... It looked like they were going to take them off, but Smith has obviously said they'll bowl spin

Australia closing in again - this could still finish tonight, given how quickly the tail were removed in the first innings. Keshav Maharaj comes out

End of over 79. 5 runs this over. 290/6 after 474 balls.
Q de Kock 78 (111b 11x4 0x6 ) MR Marsh 7-2-21-1
VD Philander 6 (14b 0x4 0x6 ) more