Match Over - Sydney Sixers won by 5 wickets + Match Details

Match Details

  • Toss: Sydney Sixers, who chose to bat
  • Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground
  • Referee: RL Parry
  • When: 23 Jan 2018, 10:40 SAST
  • Winner: Sydney Sixers
  • Man of the Match: JL Denly


  • Umpire1: AK Wilds
  • Umpire2: PJ Gillespie
  • Third Umpire: GA Abood



Overs: 17.3 / 20.0

Sydney Sixers



Overs: 20.0 / 20.0

Melbourne Stars

10.45pm The Sydney Sixers finish their season with four successive wins. "Unbelievable run chase," Lyon says. "That's why we got Joe Denly and Maddinson was brilliant. I don't think we bowled very well but hats off to Maxwell. To lose six games on the trot and then winning four is special."

Joe Denly is the Player of the Match for his 72 not out off 45 balls.

jamil: "Currently SS on 4th number in the Points Table :)"

That's a wrap of this game. Goodbye and good night for now

17.3JW Hastings to PM Nevill, BOUNDARY, 4 runs, Nevill closes out the season for the Sixers with a first-ball four. Back of a length and outside off, Nevill unleashes a smooth swing and sends the ball wide of deep midwicket.
17.2JW Hastings to CR Brathwaite, OUT, No run, short, wide, outside off, Brathwaite lines it up and clubs it hard but straight into the lap of Maxwell at deep midwicket. Brathwaite nailed it but did not get enough elevation to clear the man in the deep.
17.1JW Hastings to CR Brathwaite, BOUNDARY, 4 runs, overpitched and wide outside off, 105ks, Brathwaite waits for the ball to arrive and carves it up and over the covers.
End of over 17. 6 runs this over. 181/4 after 101 balls.
CR Brathwaite 4 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) EP Gulbis 3-0-21-2
JL Denly 72 (45b 6x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 16. 14 runs this over. 173/3 after 95 balls.
J Botha 12 (8b 1x4 1x6 ) DJ Worrall 3-0-37-0
JL Denly 71 (44b 6x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 15. 5 runs this over. 159/3 after 90 balls.
J Botha 0 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) JP Faulkner 3-0-35-1
JL Denly 70 (43b 6x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 14. 5 runs this over. 154/3 after 84 balls.
J Botha 0 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) EP Gulbis 2-0-15-1
JL Denly 65 (40b 6x4 3x6 ) more

Aashish Calla: "Australia have picked a good side for the T20 tri-series in my view; Just one issue though - With Warner skipper and Finch also in the side, will we get to see D'Arcy Short play a match? I'm really looking forward to seeing him!"

End of over 13. 12 runs this over. 147/2 after 77 balls.
JL Denly 61 (37b 6x4 3x6 ) MA Beer 3-0-27-0
MC Henriques 18 (10b 1x4 1x6 ) more

Gautham: "Was a bit surprised not to see Moises in the Aus T20 squad selected. He's been a consistently good performer in this format. Did well in his last T20 international against India too. Only because he missed a few games in the BBL doesn't make sense to leave him out!!"

End of over 12. 15 runs this over. 135/2 after 72 balls.
MC Henriques 17 (9b 1x4 1x6 ) L Bowe 2-0-36-0
JL Denly 51 (33b 4x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 11. 4 runs this over. 120/2 after 66 balls.
JL Denly 49 (31b 4x4 3x6 ) MA Beer 2-0-15-0
MC Henriques 4 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 10. 6 runs this over. 116/2 after 60 balls.
JL Denly 48 (29b 4x4 3x6 ) JW Hastings 3-0-19-1
MC Henriques 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Paul AJ Saw: "What else can go wrong for the Stars? Seriously? Super frustrating season. After getting 189 i thought maybe just maybe they'll win. But nope. Going to get thrashed again."

The tracker suggests it had pitched just outside leg

End of over 9. 21 runs this over. 110/1 after 54 balls.
JL Denly 43 (25b 4x4 3x6 ) L Bowe 1-0-21-0
NJ Maddinson 61 (25b 9x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 8. 8 runs this over. 89/1 after 48 balls.
JL Denly 29 (21b 4x4 1x6 ) JW Hastings 2-0-13-0
NJ Maddinson 54 (23b 9x4 2x6 ) more
End of over 7. 10 runs this over. 81/1 after 42 balls.
NJ Maddinson 48 (19b 8x4 2x6 ) EP Gulbis 1-0-10-0
JL Denly 28 (19b 4x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 6. 2 runs this over. 67/1 after 35 balls.
NJ Maddinson 39 (15b 6x4 2x6 ) JW Hastings 1-0-2-0
JL Denly 23 (16b 4x4 1x6 ) more

Mike Underwood: "Surely after that over Maddinson will be getting a nice IPL payday on the weekend in the auction. "

Tarun Taneja: ""Any hope of getting a chance to play in IPL is totally finished for Faulkner after that over....""

End of over 5. 24 runs this over. 65/1 after 30 balls.
NJ Maddinson 39 (14b 6x4 2x6 ) JP Faulkner 2-0-30-1
JL Denly 22 (12b 4x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 4. 15 runs this over. 41/1 after 24 balls.
JL Denly 22 (12b 4x4 1x6 ) DJ Worrall 2-0-23-0
NJ Maddinson 15 (8b 0x4 2x6 ) more
End of over 3. 11 runs this over. 26/1 after 18 balls.
JL Denly 14 (9b 2x4 1x6 ) MA Beer 1-0-11-0
NJ Maddinson 8 (5b 0x4 1x6 ) more

Update on Silk's injury: He has fractured his collarbone, and will be out for at least eight weeks

End of over 2. 8 runs this over. 15/1 after 11 balls.
JL Denly 4 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) DJ Worrall 1-0-8-0
NJ Maddinson 7 (4b 0x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 1. 7 runs this over. 7/1 after 6 balls.
DP Hughes 2 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) JP Faulkner 1-0-6-1
JL Denly 4 (2b 1x4 0x6 ) more
JL Denlynot out 724563160
DP HughesC EP Gulbis B JP Faulkner240050
NJ MaddinsonLBW JW Hastings612693234.62
MC HenriquesC JP Faulkner B EP Gulbis211311161.54
J BothaB EP Gulbis141011140
CR BrathwaiteC GJ Maxwell B JW Hastings9620150
PM Nevillnot out 4110400
JC Silk -
SA Abbott -
BJ Dwarshuis -
NM Lyon -
Total 190/5
JP Faulkner3.0035111.67
DJ Worrall3.0039013
MA Beer3.002909.67
JW Hastings3.302727.71
EP Gulbis3.002227.33
L Bowe2.0036018