Match Over - Nottinghamshire won by 23 runs + Match Details

Match Details

  • Toss: Hampshire, who chose to bat
  • Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham
  • Referee:
  • When: 02 Sep 2017, 15:30 SAST
  • Winner: Nottinghamshire
  • Man of the Match: SJ Mullaney


  • Umpire1: RJ Bailey
  • Umpire2: MA Gough
  • Third Umpire: AG Wharf



Overs: 18.4 / 20.0




Overs: 20.0 / 20.0


Nottinghamshire win by 23 balls and are in their first T20 final since 2006. Pace off the ball key throughout the match, but where it was legspin for Hampshire it was Notts' slower balls and cutters from Steven Mullaney and latterly Harry Gurney which made the difference. Samit Patel struck first ball to remove Shahid Afridi, but while James Vince was going Hampshire were in control. However, Mullaney changed the game and in the end it was comfortable for Notts. So it's Nottinghamshire v Birmingham in the final. We'll be back with you at 6.15pm for that...see you soon!

18.4JT Ball to CP Wood, OUT, No run, all over! Finishes it with a leg stump yorker. Terrific delivery to complete an impressive bowling display.
18.3JT Ball to MS Crane, 1 run, length ball outside off, pushed to short third man.
18.2JT Ball to CP Wood, 1 run, a slower ball dragged down, he has to wait an age for it then pulls to deep square leg.
18.1JT Ball to CP Wood, No run, goes across his stumps to try and scoop a length delivery from outside off...misses.
End of over 18. 2 runs this over. 142/9 after 107 balls.
MS Crane 0 (0b 0x4 0x6 ) HF Gurney 3-0-17-3
CP Wood 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Gurney gets something in his eye and has to abort his run-up

Can Gurney finish it with a hat-trick?

End of over 17. 14 runs this over. 140/6 after 102 balls.
GK Berg 15 (10b 2x4 0x6 ) JT Ball 3-0-30-1
LA Dawson 4 (6b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Martin Mulkearn: "Gnasher, anybody at the ground today? What's it looking like for the evening?" All looking good

End of over 16. 4 runs this over. 126/6 after 96 balls.
GK Berg 3 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) IS Sodhi 3-0-24-0
LA Dawson 3 (5b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Ali Ujjan: "Hampshire has pushed the wrong button! The self destruction mode is on!"

End of over 15. 3 runs this over. 122/6 after 90 balls.
LA Dawson 1 (3b 0x4 0x6 ) SJ Mullaney 4-0-22-3
GK Berg 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Super work from Mullaney. A matchwinning spell?

End of over 14. 8 runs this over. 119/4 after 84 balls.
MA Carberry 12 (8b 1x4 1x6 ) SR Patel 4-0-32-1
JM Vince 56 (31b 5x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 13. 6 runs this over. 111/4 after 78 balls.
MA Carberry 5 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) SJ Mullaney 3-0-19-2
JM Vince 55 (30b 5x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 12. 6 runs this over. 105/3 after 72 balls.
GJ Bailey 4 (4b 0x4 0x6 ) IS Sodhi 2-0-20-0
JM Vince 54 (29b 5x4 3x6 ) more
End of over 11. 8 runs this over. 99/3 after 66 balls.
JM Vince 51 (26b 5x4 3x6 ) SJ Mullaney 2-0-13-1
GJ Bailey 1 (1b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Brings Notts back into it, although it's the experience of George Bailey at No. 5

End of over 10. 11 runs this over. 91/2 after 60 balls.
JM Vince 50 (25b 5x4 3x6 ) SR Patel 3-0-24-1
TP Alsop 14 (13b 1x4 0x6 ) more

Halfway mark. Hampshire going nicely

End of over 9. 5 runs this over. 80/2 after 54 balls.
TP Alsop 10 (9b 1x4 0x6 ) SJ Mullaney 1-0-5-0
JM Vince 43 (23b 5x4 2x6 ) more

AlistairDiamond: "I'm a neutral, but I want Hampshire to win for no other reason that to give Boom Boom another go. Come on Hampshire!"

End of over 8. 14 runs this over. 75/2 after 48 balls.
JM Vince 41 (21b 5x4 2x6 ) IS Sodhi 1-0-14-0
TP Alsop 7 (5b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 7. 6 runs this over. 61/2 after 42 balls.
JM Vince 29 (17b 4x4 1x6 ) SR Patel 2-0-13-1
TP Alsop 5 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 6. 10 runs this over. 55/2 after 36 balls.
CM Dickinson 27 (20b 4x4 0x6 ) JT Ball 2-0-17-1
JM Vince 28 (14b 4x4 1x6 ) more

Notts were 56 for 2, Hampshire 55 for 2 after the Powerplay

Fifty up inside the Powerplay. Good base for Hampshire

End of over 5. 11 runs this over. 45/1 after 30 balls.
CM Dickinson 18 (16b 2x4 0x6 ) HF Gurney 2-0-15-0
JM Vince 27 (13b 4x4 1x6 ) more
End of over 4. 16 runs this over. 34/1 after 24 balls.
JM Vince 27 (13b 4x4 1x6 ) DT Christian 1-0-16-0
CM Dickinson 7 (10b 0x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 3. 7 runs this over. 18/1 after 18 balls.
JM Vince 12 (8b 2x4 0x6 ) JT Ball 1-0-7-0
CM Dickinson 6 (9b 0x4 0x6 ) more

Harris: "11 am here in Canada, been up since 8 am to watch Afridi bat...... guess who just turned off the game"

End of over 2. 4 runs this over. 11/1 after 12 balls.
CM Dickinson 5 (7b 0x4 0x6 ) HF Gurney 1-0-4-0
JM Vince 6 (4b 1x4 0x6 ) more
End of over 1. 7 runs this over. 7/1 after 6 balls.
CM Dickinson 2 (2b 0x4 0x6 ) SR Patel 1-0-7-1
JM Vince 5 (3b 1x4 0x6 ) more
Shahid AfridiC AD Hales B SR Patel01100-
CM DickinsonC DT Christian B JT Ball27252140128.57
JM VinceC BRM Taylor B SJ Mullaney56503253175
TP AlsopC SJ Mullaney B SJ Mullaney20151720117.65
GJ BaileyB SJ Mullaney4760066.67
MA CarberryRun out SR Patel 1311911144.44
LA DawsonC MH Wessels B HF Gurney41570057.14
GK BergC MH Wessels B HF Gurney15131220125
KJ AbbottC DT Christian B HF Gurney05100-
CP WoodB JT Ball2740050
MS Cranenot out 35200150
Total 146/10
SR Patel4.003218
HF Gurney3.001936.33
JT Ball3.403228.73
DT Christian1.0016016
IS Sodhi3.002408
SJ Mullaney4.002235.5